A lit­tle bit of cleanup

I com­mit­ted a lit­tle bit of cleanup / some XXX com­ments to the soundsys­tem, extend­ed the lin­ux(4) man page a lit­tle bit and removed some alpha spe­cif­ic sec­tion 4 man pages which where over­looked at the time alpha was removed from cur­rent.

I think I will enjoy the sun in the back­yard a lit­tle bit now… 😎

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The new default lin­ux base: FC4

Port­m­gr com­mit­ted the switch to the new default lin­ux base port yes­ter­day. After return­ing home from work I com­mit­ted the cor­re­spond­ing UPDATING entry.

Today I marked all unmaintained/old lin­ux base ports as dep­re­cat­ed (some are marked because they are EOL, some are marked because of bitrod). I use a expi­ra­tion time of about 3 months. So while there’s plen­ty of time to update, you should do it now.

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COMPAT_43, SoC and stuff

I just removed the COMPAT_43 option from the GENERIC ker­nel in cur­rent. This may result in increased per­for­mance for some work­loads.

In the last days I also “men­tored” a lit­tle bit my SoC stu­dents. Review­ing some changes, sug­gest­ing some imrove­ments, com­mit­ting some stuff which is ready, dis­cussing var­i­ous things and so on.

And last but not least, I hope that the last bugs in the update to the new lin­ux base port are ironed out on the ports build clus­ter (I did some com­mits in the last days).

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