Hint: using sock­ets across jails

I want to use a sock­et (mysql) in mul­ti­ple jails. Using nullfs to mount it in each jail where you want to use it does not work (bug in nullfs?). Using a hardlink (if the jails reside on the same FS) works. I hope this info safes a lit­tle bit of time in case some­one tries to do the same.

The host­name MySQL sees in such a con­nec­tion is “local­host”. Maybe this is obvi­ous to one or anoth­er, but because jails don’t have a it was not obvi­ous to me.

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Lin­ux mod­ules now usable on amd64

Today I removed the LINUX stuff from GENERIC on amd64 (this syncs with i386). Now that kib@ com­mit­ted the ker­nel link­er stuff the lin­ux mod­ule is usable on amd64 too. This allows for more easy testing/patching on amd64 and also allows on-demand-loading like on i386.

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