A new linux-f10-pango port is ready

In the last days I took (and even had) the time to install a VM with Fedo­ra 10, updat­ed all the pack­ages after instal­la­tion, and cre­at­ed a new lin­ux-f10-pango port (v 1.28.3). I did this because the port has a secu­ri­ty vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty accord­ing to our VuXML DB and there where more and more reports in the last months from users which had a prob­lem with this.

Dur­ing the update of the port I noticed that the port does not con­tain a FORBIDDEN entry, just por­tau­dit com­plains about it because there is an entry in the VuXML. That is not nice. I was told that the ports slush will be lift­ed soon (I need to bump some PORTRE­VI­SIONs), this means that I can com­mit the update prob­a­bly tomor­row, just in time when the new RPM should hit the FreeB­SD dis­tri­b­u­tion infra­struc­ture (MASTER_SITE_LOCAL is updat­ed once a day from a spe­cif­ic fold­er in our home direc­to­ries).

Thanks to Luchesar V. ILIEV for the nice write­up of what to install in Fedo­ra 10 to be able to build RPMs, and the descrip­tion of how to build your own RPM.

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I got some­thing done in the last days

Wow, some of the TODO items in the last post are done:

  • emu10k1 low­er pri­or­i­ty on attach (allows emu10kx to attach when loaded too)
  • sade com­mit­ted (and code improved)

And I did some more things:

  • emu10kx fix­es (sub­mit­ted by Yuriy)
  • enhance­ment of the bsd to lin­ux errno map­ping (sub­mit­ted by “Intron”)
  • added some more files to ObsoleteFiles.inc (sub­mit­ted by kris@)
  • had a look at linux_kdump and deter­mined that we should update it with what we have in -cur­rent

There’s also a sub­mis­sion of sup­port for Envy24HT chips from Kon­stan­tin (he also has a page with a lot of docs for envy* chips).

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Sum­ma­ry of the last days

Not much hap­pened in the last days. I talked with my SoC 2006 stu­dents and helped them a lit­tle bit with knowl­edge and test­ing. I also did com­mit some fix­es for the envy24 dri­ver to cur­rent.

ATM I have some hol­i­days. So I think I should get some more time do to some stuff in FreeB­SD… at least when it stays rainy and I’m able to find some new fur­ni­ture for the liv­ing room soon (either it’s com­fort­able, or it does look good; in case it is com­fort­able and does look good, it’s either not avail­able in the con­fig­u­ra­tion you want, or it is at least 3 times more expen­sive than you are will­ing to spend… sigh).

On my TODO list is to com­mit is “sade”, the break out of the fdisk and diskla­bel edi­tor in sysin­stall. I have patch­es for this, but need to fix-up a lit­tle part before I can com­mit it. After that sysin­stall can be replaced with some­thing else, and we still have the nice curs­es fron­tend for disk par­ti­tion­ing avail­able. Anoth­er TODO item is to give a low­er pri­or­i­ty to the emu10k1 dri­ver, so that the emu10kx dri­ver has prece­dence in all cas­es. And there are some easy patch­es in some PRs I want to deal with.

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Some days of men­tor­ing…

In the last days I spend my free time with men­tor­ing Boris and the SoC stu­dents. Boris is maybe ready to fly solo now (and he already got implic­it aproval for sev­er­al things from me), but I will keep an eye on him from time to time for some more weeks.

The lin­ux­o­la­tor SoC project pro­gress­es faster now. We may have sup­port for TLS, TID and futex­es in the com­ming week (this should allow us to run FC4/FC5 with a lin­ux ker­nel ver­sion of 2.6.x, time will tell).

In the sound SoC project, Ryan cre­at­ed an user repos­i­to­ry. He is more com­fort­able with com­mit­ting “micro-changes” to the user branch first to not spam the per­force mail­inglist. I don’t think this mat­ters, but when he feels more com­fort­able this way, I don’t object. This makes it a lit­tle bit hard­er for me to fol­low, but I will nag him more often for a sta­tus report then.

I also MFCed the fix­es for Ora­cle 10, it should work on 6-sta­ble too now.

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Lin­ux­o­la­tor fix­es for Ora­cle 10g

In the last days I did not only spend my time approv­ing stuff of my mentee Boris, I also worked a lit­tle bit on the lin­ux­o­la­tor myself. Thanks to Dmit­ry Ganenko and a mail of him to emulators@ I was able to fix some bugs which pre­vent­ed Ora­cle 10g Express Edi­tion from run­ning. While the com­mit­ted fix­es are dif­fer­ent from the patch­es he sub­mit­ted, he did a very good job of track­ing down the prob­lems and pro­vid­ing hints and a test­case. If no bug shows up, I will merge the fix­es to -sta­ble in a week.

Now let’s see how long it takes for some­one to write a port for Ora­cle 10g based upon his descrip­tion.

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