Fire­fox 3.6, final­ly deliv­er­ing a sane proxy han­dling

At work we have to use a proxy which requires autho­riza­tion. With pre­vi­ous ver­sions (fire­fox 3.0.x and 3.5.y for each valid x and y) I had the prob­lem that each tab request­ed to enter the mas­ter pass­word when start­ing fire­fox, to be able to fill in the proxy-auth data (short­cut: fill in only the first request, and for all oth­ers just hit return/OK). So for each tab I had to do some­thing for the master-password, and after that for each tab I also had to con­firm the proxy-auth stuff.

Very annoy­ing! Oh, I should maybe men­tion that as of this writ­ing I have 31 tabs open. Some­times there are more, some­times there are less.

Now with fire­fox 3.6 this is not the case any­more. Yeah! Great! Final­ly only one time the mas­ter pass­word stuff, and then one time the proxy-auth stuff, and then all tabs pro­ceed.

It took a long time since my first report about this, but now it is final­ly there. This is the best improve­ment in 3.6 for me.

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Doxy­gen stuff updat­ed in 9‑current

I com­mit­ted my patch for tools/kerneldoc/subsys. Except for not gen­er­at­ing the PDF part, this is now the same con­fig which I use to gen­er­ate the online ver­sion. While writ­ing the com­mit log I noticed that I did more changes than I thought…

So any­one who wants to gen­er­ate the Doxy­gen docs of some FreeB­SD ker­nel sub­sys­tems on his own, can do it now. Adding more sub­sys­tems is easy, just make a copy of one the the exist­ing Doxyfile-* files – keep the same nam­ing scheme – and change the con­tents. Every­thing else is han­dled auto­mat­i­cal­ly.

I also added a link to the FreeB­SD wiki. It is not at a promi­nent place (near the end of the main page), but at least some­one can find the link to the my FreeB­SD-doxy­gen page there.

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Ports relat­ed stuff

The pack­age depen­den­cy speedup was com­mit­ted by port­m­gr, unfor­tu­nate­ly it was not the lat­est ver­sion of it. The most recent ver­sion is sched­uled for an exper­i­men­tal ports build run (my patch also con­tains the pos­si­bil­i­ty to switch of the reg­is­tra­tion of implic­it depen­den­cies, if enabled it gives a much bet­ter pic­ture regard­ing which port needs to be rebuild (portre­vi­sion bump) in case a depen­den­cy changes).

Patch­es for speed­ing up “make clean” are also sched­uled for an exper­i­men­tal ports build run. The pkg_create patch was also com­mit­ted to -cur­rent.

With all those stuff an update is much faster now, at least for those ports where the compile/build time was much low­er than the infra­struc­ture pro­cess­ing (I doubt you will see a sig­nif­i­cant change in a build of OO 😉 ).

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Sta­tus of the RealPlay­er stuff

Shaun had some unre­lat­ed soft­ware prob­lems so he was­n’t able to do the paper­work request­ed by Real. Those prob­lems seem to be fixed and he expects to get some time to do the paper­work “soon”. Real is look­ing for­ward to this as the FreeB­SD build is much bet­ter now.

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Lin­ux mod­ules now usable on amd64

Today I removed the LINUX stuff from GENERIC on amd64 (this syncs with i386). Now that kib@ com­mit­ted the ker­nel link­er stuff the lin­ux mod­ule is usable on amd64 too. This allows for more easy testing/patching on amd64 and also allows on-demand-loading like on i386.

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