Progress with Net­work­er bugs

Our bug with savep­n­pc which caus­es the post-command to start one minute after the pre-command even if the back­up is not done yet is now hope­ful­ly near the res­o­lu­tion point. We opened a prob­lem report for this in July, this week we where told that there is a patch for it avail­able. The bad part is, that it is avail­able since 3 weeks and nobody told us. The good part is, that we have it installed on a machine now to see if it helps (all zones there seem to be OK, but we have zones where it some­times works and some­times fails, so we are not 100% sure, but we hope the best). We where told that it will be includ­ed in Net­work­er

Our oth­er issues are now at least not in a helpdesk-loop any­more, they seem to have reached the devel­op­ers now.

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We got ZFS!

ZFS is there. Great! Thanks Pawel!

Now I wait a lit­tle bit until the first bugs are ironed out, and then I move all my stuff to it. The nice part: when you have 2 machines and every­thing you use is jailed, you just can do this with­out an “inter­rup­tion of ser­vice” (or at least only with a very small one). Just move the jails to the oth­er machine, replace the old FS with ZFS, and then move all jails back.

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I fore­see nice improve­ments in the soundsys­tem

Ariffs changes two months ago to reduce the laten­cy in the soundsys­tem also pre­pared the way for mul­ti­chan­nel sup­port and Yuriy added mul­ti­chan­nel record­ing to the emu10kx dri­ver (there are some bugs ATM and it is only a proof of con­cept to play around with it until we get real mul­ti­chan­nel sup­port in the gener­ic sound code). Ryan tries to get some time (let’s cross fin­gers!) to con­vert a dri­ver (prob­a­bly the emu10kx dri­ver) to use the new mix­er infra­struc­ture before he has to con­cen­trate on his stud­ies again.

This looks like we could get some very nice stuff this year.

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COMPAT_43, SoC and stuff

I just removed the COMPAT_43 option from the GENERIC ker­nel in cur­rent. This may result in increased per­for­mance for some work­loads.

In the last days I also “men­tored” a lit­tle bit my SoC stu­dents. Review­ing some changes, sug­gest­ing some imrove­ments, com­mit­ting some stuff which is ready, dis­cussing var­i­ous things and so on.

And last but not least, I hope that the last bugs in the update to the new lin­ux base port are ironed out on the ports build clus­ter (I did some com­mits in the last days).

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