Some updates (kernel/ports)

There was not much to tell in the last months. I was busy with mov­ing and the preg­nan­cy of my wife (ok, she was more busy with this than I was…).

So the recent updates are, that I took some time to com­mit some of my patch­es to SVN. Most of them are in my SVN user area in var­i­ous branch­es. The inter­est­ing ones may be desk­jail and lin­ux­aio. The first one allows to run your desk­top in a jail. The sec­ond one gives async I/O for the lin­ux­u­la­tor.

There’s also some oth­er stuff. Feel free to have a look.

It also seems that the we may see the Fedo­ra 8 infra­struc­ture land­ing in the ports col­lec­tion “soon”. I have the impres­sion that Boris just waits for the com­plete unfreeze of the ports col­lec­tion. The last patch I’ve reviewed looked very good. There are some loose ends, like switch­ing it on as the default lin­ux base for FreeB­SD-cur­rent for exam­ple, but those are things which I pre­fer to do lat­er than in the same com­mit. First let it be there for a while and let curi­ous users test it a lit­tle bit more. If every­thing is ok, we can switch the default lin­ux base to F8 in ‑cur­rent.

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Some days of men­tor­ing…

In the last days I spend my free time with men­tor­ing Boris and the SoC stu­dents. Boris is maybe ready to fly solo now (and he already got implic­it aproval for sev­er­al things from me), but I will keep an eye on him from time to time for some more weeks.

The lin­ux­o­la­tor SoC project pro­gress­es faster now. We may have sup­port for TLS, TID and futex­es in the com­ming week (this should allow us to run FC4/FC5 with a lin­ux ker­nel ver­sion of 2.6.x, time will tell).

In the sound SoC project, Ryan cre­at­ed an user repos­i­to­ry. He is more com­fort­able with com­mit­ting “micro-changes” to the user branch first to not spam the per­force mail­inglist. I don’t think this mat­ters, but when he feels more com­fort­able this way, I don’t object. This makes it a lit­tle bit hard­er for me to fol­low, but I will nag him more often for a sta­tus report then.

I also MFCed the fix­es for Ora­cle 10, it should work on 6-sta­ble too now.

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Lin­ux­o­la­tor fix­es for Ora­cle 10g

In the last days I did not only spend my time approv­ing stuff of my mentee Boris, I also worked a lit­tle bit on the lin­ux­o­la­tor myself. Thanks to Dmit­ry Ganenko and a mail of him to emulators@ I was able to fix some bugs which pre­vent­ed Ora­cle 10g Express Edi­tion from run­ning. While the com­mit­ted fix­es are dif­fer­ent from the patch­es he sub­mit­ted, he did a very good job of track­ing down the prob­lems and pro­vid­ing hints and a test­case. If no bug shows up, I will merge the fix­es to -sta­ble in a week.

Now let’s see how long it takes for some­one to write a port for Ora­cle 10g based upon his descrip­tion.

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lin­ux­o­la­tor day

A hap­py wel­come to Boris Samorodov to the ports com­mit­ters team (I’m his men­tor). This means I don’t have the bur­den to take care of the lin­ux­o­la­tor infra­struc­ture in the Ports Col­lec­tion alone any­more. Yeah!

Today I com­mit­ted anoth­er part of Roman’s work in the lin­ux­o­la­tor SoC. Now we should get log mes­sages for the new miss­ing syscalls for real. We defin­i­tive­ly need high lev­el overview doc­u­ments for sub­sys­tems.

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