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Daily doxy­gen gen­er­ated docs of the FreeBSD ker­nel (head)

I man­aged to get some time to setup an auto­mated gen­er­a­tion of the doxy­gen docs for ker­nel sub­sys­tems of FreeBSD on my webserver.

Every night/morning (Ger­man time­zone) the sources will be updated, and the docs get regen­er­ated (this takes some time). Cur­rently this depends upon some patches to the make­file and doxy­gen con­fig files in tools/kerneldoc/subsys. Every­thing is gen­er­ated directly in the place where the web­server will look for to deliver the pages, so if you browse this in the mid­dle of the gen­er­a­tion, the con­tent may not be con­sis­tent (yet).

Please be nice to the web­server and do not mir­ror this. You can gen­er­ate this your­self very easy. Assum­ing you have the FreeBSD source on a local hard disk, you just need to down­load the patch from (if you do not find dox.diff, update your FreeBSD sources and every­thing will be OK), apply the patch, cd into tools/kerneldoc/subsys and run “make all” (or “make vm” or what­ever you are inter­ested in). You need doxy­gen installed, off course.

If you want to setup some­thing like this your­self, just down­load the script which is doing all the work, change some vari­ables in the begin­ning, and cre­ate your own local ver­sion of the com­plete docs.

In case this is using sig­nif­i­cant traf­fic, I will ask core/admins if there is the pos­si­bil­ity to host it on resources.


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2 Responses to “Daily doxy­gen gen­er­ated docs of the FreeBSD ker­nel (head)”

  1. vg Says:

    This is great. Is it pos­si­ble for you to push these doc­gen gen­er­ated files to a github gh_pages repos­i­tory every­day, instead of host­ing it here, It will save you space and band­width on your server.

    And hav­ing it on github means we can go back in time and see past files. That way we can see the state of the code last month or some­thing like that.

  2. netchild Says:

    Space and band­width are not a prob­lem. Every­one can put it up on github. You just need the FreeBSD source and doxygen.

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