Essen Hackathon sta­tus report – 1st day/evening

The Essen Hackathon 2015 starts. More or less around 6pm peo­ple start­ed to show up (includ­ing myself). The social­iz­ing ses­sion (BBQ) had some fun­ny/interesting sto­ries, and pro­vid­ed already some inter­est­ing top­ics to have a clos­er look at.

Pos­si­ble can­di­dates where I can pro­vide some input are around DTrace: How to use it (but prob­a­bly Sean Chit­ten­den has some much more inter­est­ing DTrace things to show) and how to add SDT probes to the ker­nel.

On the ports side I want to get some insight into the USES frame­work, to see if it may be easy to con­vert the lin­ux­u­la­tor ports to it or not. Maybe I can also have a deep­er look into patch­es for the 64bit side of the linux_base ports.

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Gain­ing space on Android after ART->Dalvik switch (root access required)

I (still) use a Nexus S phone. I am using Cyanogen­mod on it. After an arti­cle in a com­put­er mag­a­zine I decid­ed to give the ART-runtime a try instead of the default Dalvic-runtime. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I do not have enough free space free (and all what I can is moved to the USB stor­age already) to real­ly use the ART-runtime.

After switch­ing back to the Dalvic-runtime, I had only 23 of the pre­vi­ous­ly avail­able space free. After a lit­tle bit of look­ing around I found /data/dalvik-cache. I delet­ed with a file man­ag­er the con­tent of the direc­to­ry (you will get some “app crashed/died” mes­sages) and reboot­ed the phone (this is not the same as for­mat­ting the cache par­ti­tion in the recov­ery sys­tem).

Dur­ing boot it pop­u­lat­ed the direc­to­ry again and now I have more than 43 of free space on the inter­nal stor­age.

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Does every geek take a pho­to of Google in Zürich?

Maybe not all… my col­leagues would­n’t have gone there if I would­n’t have said some­thing…

To be hon­est, I would have expect­ed some­thing a lit­tle bit more shiny/geeky/… to take a pic­ture of (any­way, if you don’t see it: I have a real smile in my face on the pic­ture, so the geek in me enjoyed tak­ing the pho­to).


Alexander Leidinger in front of Google CH
Me in front of Google CH


Google CH
Google CH


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Hap­py Birth­day” from Google

In case you haven’t noticed yet:

In case you use a Brows­er which “is reg­is­tered with Google” (cook­ie, Chrome sync, Hang­outs plu­g­in …) in a way that Google knows who you are when you enter the search page, and you have your birth­day entered in this account, then Google presents you a “Hap­py Birth­day” Google-Doodle on that day. If you are not on Google+ and you klick on the pic­ture, you get a page which offers you to upgrade to Goolge+.

Fun­ny/scary? Up to you. For me it just visu­alis­es what I knew already (you can do a lot with per­son­al info, and Google get’s a lot of this) and I say “Thank you Google” (but I don’t upgrade to Google+).

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