Here is a list of pro­jects I am in­volved in:

  • System on a network FreeBSD:  I am a mem­ber of the FreeBSD de­vel­op­ment team, par­tic­u­larly I 
    • am a ports com­mit­ter and as such have to try to keep the FreeBSD ports col­lec­tion in a sane state (to­geth­er with oth­er ports com­miters)
    • am a src com­mit­terwithout any par­tic­u­lar top­ic as a spe­cial in­terest, but cur­rently I try to spend some amount of time 

    Part of my ac­tu­al work is avail­able for down­load.

  • Sound LAME: At the mo­ment I take care of the autoconf/​automake stuff of the open source MP3 en­coder LAME. Part of my ac­tu­al work is (per­haps) avail­able for down­load.
  • ChipOn de­mand I 
    • make se­cur­ity audits of ex­ist­ing FreeBSD sys­tems
    • op­tim­ize ex­ist­ing FreeBSD sys­tems for speed, through­put, …
    • im­ple­ment fail­over (high avail­ab­il­ity) solu­tions with/​for FreeBSD sys­tems
    • up­date ex­ist­ing FreeBSD sys­tems while they are in pro­duc­tion use with a min­im­al im­pact on the ser­vice they provide