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The XKEYBOARD extension

To check if your X server has the XKEYBOARD extension enabled, start a shell and type xdpyinfo | more. Now search for XKEYBOARD after the line "number of extensions". If it's listed, your X server supports the XKEYBOARD extension. Another way to do it is typing xdpyinfo | tail -2. If the output looks very different from the following example, your X server might not support the extension.

:-> xdpyinfo -ext XKEYBOARD | tail -2

XKEYBOARD version 1.0 opcode: 136, base event: 84, base error: 136

As you can see, my X server has the version 1.0 of the XKEYBOARD extension enabled. This allows me to control the mousepointer with the numeric keypath. To switch the numeric keypath to the mouse-control-mode you have to hit the (<Control>+)<Shift>+<NumLock> key combination. You should hear the speaker beeping. This indicates the successful switch. To revert the mode of the numerical keypad to its old state, hit the above key combination again (it should beep again too). To control the mouse the numeric keypad is used as follows:

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