X11, make the best out of it

X Window System is a trademark of X Consortium, Inc.

After installing X11 (e.g. XFree86) you end up with a highly configurable window system. Unfortunally there isn't a comprehensive online guide how to configure it (at least I'm not aware of one). So I decided to set up this website to share my knowledge. If you are aware of some information which belongs here, feel free to send me a mail (Alexander+XConfig@Leidinger.net).

Entering the X configuration

  Advanced topics

  • Starting X11
    • xdm
    • xinit (startx)
    • Other ways (broadcast/indirect/query)
  • Integrated X11 desktops (external links)
  • Fonts
    • The standard X11 fonts
    • Adobe Type 1 fonts
    • TrueType fonts
  • Extensions and modules (XFree86)
    • The XKEYBOARD extension
    • The DPMS (Display Power Management System) extension
    • The joystick module
    • The Wacom (graphic tablet) module
    • The GLX (3D) module
  • Modifying the appearence of programs
  • Proxies
    • Low BandWidth X proxy (XFree86)
    • X firewall proxy
  • Misc.
    • Modifying the keymap / pointer button mappings
    • Locking your display while you're away
  • Glossary

The provided information is based upon XFree86 but independand information (e.g. XRessources, xhost/xauth, xmodmap, xlock, ...) should work with every standard conform implementation of X.

Questions, critics and bugfixes to: Alexander+XConfig@Leidinger.net