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20  Billiger Surfen  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  German 
19  Codingstyle.com  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  "Slashdot for programmers" 
16  The Free IP Project  Who points to it? (0,3KB)   
15  Everything You Know About Disks Is Wrong  Who points to it? (0,3KB)   
14  Paper Airplane: Amazing Paper Airplanes (Old title:Kool Paper Airplanes)  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  Step by step folding instructions for creating paper airplanes that resemble pretty close to the real airplanes. 
13  Cars Online  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  German,
13  greetings to emanzenhell  Who points to it? (0,3KB)   
12  Peter's Evil Overlord List  Who points to it? (0,3KB)   
11  Enermax  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  Cases and power supplies. 
11  Joel on Software - Bionic Office  Who points to it? (0,3KB)   
11  My Amazon wishlist...  Who points to it? (0,3KB)   
10  Astronomy Picture of the Day  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  A different astronomy and space sciencerelated image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation. 
10  Mundorf-Online  Who points to it? (0,3KB)   
10  Parks Sabers, Inc.  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  Unofficial Star Wars Lightsaber's (with glow). 
9  Sabrina Online  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  Comic 
9  Trewa  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  Rehlingen 
9  Pass D.I.Y.  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  DIY Amplifiers, Preamps and Speakers 
9  Duckfilm  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  German: Disney Trickfilm Index 
8  Rheder Schoko-Dragee GmbH  Who points to it? (0,3KB)   
8  A Gauss Rifle  Who points to it? (0,3KB)  A Magnetic Linear Accelerator 

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