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George Bush, unix power user    1  Who points to it?   
Dealing with Users    2  Who points to it?   
Banishing Microsoft T-Shirts    0  Who points to it?   
Fachbegriffe der Informatik    1  Who points to it?   
Lighter Side of System Administration    3  Who points to it?   
Alt.sysadmin.recovery FAQ    1  Who points to it?   
User Friendly    0  Who points to it?   
BOFHweb    1  Who points to it?   
Leiden der Sysops    0  Who points to it?  German 
Benutzerfreundlich    1  Who points to it?  German translation of User 
AOLiza    1  Who points to it?  Eliza meets AOL Instant Messenger 
Witziges in Programmen    1  Who points to it?  German 
BOFH T-Shirts    1  Who points to it?   
BOFH    0  Who points to it?   
Why BSD is superior to Linux    1  Who points to it?   
Why You Can't Find Your System Administrator    0  Who points to it?   
101 Things You Do Not Want Your System Administrator To Say    1  Who points to it?   
Bart Simpson & Google    0  Who points to it?   

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