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What Hits Description
Compute Against Cancer    2  Who points to it?   
Computers in Movies    2  Who points to it?   
Extended Operating System Loader    2  Who points to it?   
FFII European Software Patent Lists    2  Who points to it?  It is disallowed by law to grant software patents in the EU 
GNAT Libre Software Developers' Site    2  Who points to it?  GNU Visual Debugger, GtkAda 
Generalized Fermat Primes Search    2  Who points to it?   
Gruselkabinett Europ√§ischer Softwarepatente    2  Who points to it?  German 
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way    3  Who points to it?   
NSA - National Cryptologic Museum    1  Who points to it?  Cryptologic museum of the american National Security Agency (NSA) ...
(am I now listed by an international communications inspection system [Echolon]? ;) ) 
O'Reilly OpenBooks    3  Who points to it?   
On Being Proprietary    4  Who points to it?   
Ordinary Skill in the Art    0  Who points to it?   
Programming Texts/Tutorials    4  Who points to it?  Various links, not only programming related 
ROME    0  Who points to it?  Research Operating system for Multimedia Engineering 
The Dvorak Keyboard    1  Who points to it?   
The Internet Law Journal.com - www.TILJ.com-    3  Who points to it?   
The UNIX versus NT Organization    1  Who points to it?   
Trend Micro World Virus Tracking Center    5  Who points to it?  Daily Summary Report 
User Friendly?    3  Who points to it?   
VNC    1  Who points to it?  Virtual Network Computing 
Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers!    2  Who points to it?   
Why Windows Causes Stupidity    1  Who points to it?   
Wireless Data Link Project    2  Who points to it?   

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