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AERO    1  Who points to it?  Animation Editor for Realistic Object
BRiX    0  Who points to it?  Advanced Computing Environment; an OS 
Computer Laboratory - Xen virtual machine monitor    1  Who points to it?   
Dartboard IP    1  Who points to it?  Computer controlled dartboard 
Dataplot    2  Who points to it?  software system for scientific visualization, statistical analysis, and non-linear modeling 
Dr. Dobb's Web Site    2  Who points to it?   
Ergonomic keyboard layouts    1  Who points to it?   
Festival    2  Who points to it?  Speech Synthesis System 
FreeBSD boot tester    1  Who points to it?   
FreeBSD jail scripts    1  Who points to it?   
GANYMEDE: GASH 2    2  Who points to it?   
GPSDrive    1  Who points to it?   
Gentoo    2  Who points to it?   
Gossip    2  Who points to it?  Instant Messaging client for GNOME 
HINT    2  Who points to it?   
HP ScanJet 5 Conversion From NT to FreeBSD (&/or Linux)    2  Who points to it?   
Haystack    2  Who points to it?  Information management 
IPMI on FreeBSD    0  Who points to it?   
Inference Group: Dasher Project: Home    1  Who points to it?   
Intelligent Platform Management Interface    2  Who points to it?  IPMI specification 
Introduction to Reverse Engineering Software    1  Who points to it?   
Jef Raskin - Home    1  Who points to it?   
LPRng    1  Who points to it?   
Linux MIDI & Sound Applications    1  Who points to it?   
Linux, the GPL, and a new model for software innovation    3  Who points to it?   
MIThril    0  Who points to it?  Context aware wearable computing 
MagicPoint    1  Who points to it?  Presentation tool 
MisterHouse    1  Who points to it?  home automation program 
Mobicq - Mobile Messaging    0  Who points to it?   
Mygnokii2/Gammu    2  Who points to it?   
Nautilus File Manager Scripts    1  Who points to it?   
OMNeT++    2  Who points to it?  Object-Oriented Discrete Event Simulator 
OpenSoundSystem/Linux    2  Who points to it?   
Pawel Jakub Dawidek - Jules    2  Who points to it?   
QuaD-Pres    1  Who points to it?  Quick and Dirty Presentations 
ReciteWord    1  Who points to it?  Reciteword is a education software to help people to study English,reciting english words. 
ReciteWord    2  Who points to it?   
SDSC Syslog    1  Who points to it?  High performance secure syslog 
Simulation Tools    2  Who points to it?   
StarDict    1  Who points to it?   
Tag Logging Program    2  Who points to it?   
TextCat Language Guesser    2  Who points to it?   
The DICT Development Group    1  Who points to it?   
Txt 2 Speech    1  Who points to it?   
Unix Haters    2  Who points to it?   
UnixReview.com    2  Who points to it?   
VOIP Blaster Driver Software    1  Who points to it?   
Wearables Central    2  Who points to it?   
Word Inspector    2  Who points to it?   
bookmarksync    1  Who points to it?   
gnews    0  Who points to it?   
lesspipe    3  Who points to it?   
mIR    1  Who points to it?  multicast Interactive Radio 
stsf    1  Who points to it?  Standard Type Services Framework 
xresources    1  Who points to it?   

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