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Book: Graphic Design Cookbook    3  Who points to it?  Amazon.de partner program link 
Book: Idea Index    1  Who points to it?  Amazon.de partner program link 
Book: The Non-Designer's Design Book    0  Who points to it?  Amazon.de partner program link 
Colour Correction    0  Who points to it?   
Dia a drawing program    1  Who points to it?   
Gromit    4  Who points to it?  a presentation helper 
HiEnd3D    1  Who points to it?   
IDS    0  Who points to it?  Image Display System (Web Photo Galerie Software) 
Image Analogies    0  Who points to it?  Image processing by example 
Ken Musgrave: Computer Art and Computer Graphics Research    1  Who points to it?   
NMM    1  Who points to it?  Network-integrated Multimedia Middleware 
New Efficient Approach to Blind Deconvolution of Images Discovered    2  Who points to it?   
OpenEXR    1  Who points to it?  OpenEXR is a high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format developed by Industrial Light & Magic for use in computer imaging applications. 
RetouchPRO    1  Who points to it?  Tutorials 
SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Newsletter    1  Who points to it?   
Sky Charts    1  Who points to it?  Free Astronomy software 
Stellarium Astronomy Software    1  Who points to it?  renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time 
VTK    2  Who points to it?  Visualization Toolkit 
XAnim    3  Who points to it?   
comp.graphics.algorithms FAQ    1  Who points to it?   
superzoom    1  Who points to it?   
the electric sheep screensaver    1  Who points to it?   

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