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What Hits Description
BZFlag    5  Who points to it?  multiplayer 3D tank battle game 
BillardGL    1  Who points to it?   
Black & White Boards    1  Who points to it?   
Creatures    0  Who points to it?  Creatures - Docking Station 
Free Reign Main Site    1  Who points to it?   
FreeCNC    0  Who points to it?  Free Command & Conquer 
Frozen Bubble    1  Who points to it?   
Indie Game Jam    0  Who points to it?  a yearly game design and programming event 
Interactive Fiction Competition    0  Who points to it?   
LadyStar Game Realm    0  Who points to it?   
Mankind.net    1  Who points to it?   
Moo3planet    3  Who points to it?  German: Das deutsche Master of Orion 3 Portal 
Netrek Continuum    1  Who points to it?  Netrek Home Page 
Netrek Vanilla Server    1  Who points to it?   
Rabid Rabbid    1  Who points to it?   
Sarien    0  Who points to it?  Sierra AGI resource interpreter engine 
Scorched 3D    1  Who points to it?   
Trackballs    0  Who points to it?  Marble Madness clone 
killeverythingthatmoves    0  Who points to it?   
ports of call    1  Who points to it?   

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