Fun­ny dis­cus­sion @Work

Warn­ing, some per­sons need to be in a spe­cial mood to appre­ci­ate the fol­low­ing! Obvi­ous­ly, we were in such a spe­cial mood…

My ques­tion: Shall I take care about X?

Cowork­ers answer: Yes, you can!

My response after tak­ing care: Yes, I can! Yeah! Yes, I did! Yeah!

Cowork­ers response: Maybe I can make a T‑Shirt like Oba­ma…

What I think about it: Yes, you can!

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SoC 2006 fin­ished (sound project com­mit­ted)

I com­mit­ted the stuff from the sound project just a few min­utes ago. So the SoC 2006 has offi­cial­ly end­ed for me (I just wait for the T‑Shirt now… 🙂 ).

This does­n’t mean I don’t care about the stuff any­more. I will com­mit fix­es in case prob­lems show up and I’m also respon­si­ble in case my ex-mentees have ques­tions or patch­es. It’s just that the offi­cial part is done now.

Hap­py bughunt­ing to all.

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