Native RealPlay­er for FreeB­SD

Some days ago I got approval from Real, I’m allowed to blog about the native FreeB­SD RealPlay­er. Now I get time to blog about it.

Ok, there’s not much to say about it so far. Some peo­ple in the FreeB­SD com­mu­ni­ty (among them 2 com­mit­ters, guess who is one of them…) are help­ing Real to get it up and run­ning on FreeB­SD. The FreeB­SD build machine is set­up and some build logs are already gen­er­at­ed. Some minor prob­lems where iden­ti­fied (miss­ing soft­ware which can be installed out of the ports, some minor issues in the build sys­tem and some oth­er easy to fix stuff I don’t remem­ber ATM) in a first round of log-review.

This reminds me that I should have a look if there are some new logs. Maybe I get time at the week­end. Let’s hope I don’t for­get about it… 😉

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