Enabled some rewrite rules, email me in case of prob­lems

I enabled some rewrite rules to deny access to my site in case there is a refer­rer not from my web­serv­er when post­ing com­ments in word­press, or if there is some unwant­ed user agent when access­ing any con­tent.

Legit­i­mate access is not sup­posed to be blocked, so if you notice a block, just send me an email and tell me exact­ly what you did (name of pro­gram, ver­sion, user agent string, how you accessed my site, which URL gen­er­at­ed the error mes­sage, exact time (you bet­ter syn­chro­nize with NTP to make sure that your time is the same than my time) and time­zone in UTC[+-]XXXX nota­tion), so that I can inves­ti­gate how to pre­vent the block.

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