Round-up of recent FreeB­SD work

I had a look at some USB PRs and wrote a list of those with patch­es to Warn­er (as he is work­ing on USB stuff cur­rent­ly). I also cat­e­go­rized them (easy, not easy, maybe already fixed, …). The easy ones he han­dled already, for the rest I don’t know his cur­rent plans.

Regard­ing lin­ux­u­la­tor stuff I’m work­ing on a MFC patch (no TLS, no futex­es). As I don’t have a -sta­ble box I need some help test­ing it before I can com­mit it. I only com­pile test­ed this on ‑cur­rent with the new gcc 4.2. What I need is:

  • test­ing on i386, amd64 (if I for­got some­thing, it may pan­ic your sys­tem)
  • make uni­verse” test (you have to grep all the logs for “Error 1” and inves­ti­gate the error if there’s one)
  • LTP test run, see the wiki for more (best would be a diff of the logs in the result direc­to­ry of no-patch/patch runs)
  • nor­mal lin­ux appli­ca­tion use-tests

What the patch pro­vides is:

  • mmap fix­es
  • fix mem­leaks
  • add mprotect/iopl/lstat/ftruncate/statfs64/timer_*/mq_*
  • more errno val­ue map­ping
  • don’t lim­it num­ber of syscalls to 255
  • allow to exec libs
  • ioctl TIOCGPTN
  • han­dle more sock­et options
  • de-COMPAT_43-ify
  • add dum­my syscalls so that we know what is need­ed (reports from users)
  • style(9)
  • lin­procfs enhance­ments
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A week­end with lin­ux tests

I did spend the week­end with var­i­ous test of the lin­ux­o­la­tor.

First test­ing the remain­ing patch­es from the SoC from Roman with realplay­er and acrore­ad. The patch­es changed noth­ing in the tests, but they fixed some bugs nevert­less.

After that I com­mit­ted some stuff from sub­mis­sions (aio from Intron and SO_PEERCRED from Marcin Cies­lak) to p4 (avail­able as diffs, fol­low the URL below).

The remain­ing time was spend with the Lin­ux Test Project test­suite (this stuff is great to have, any­one out there with inter­est in adopt­ing the tests for our regres­sion test suite?). The result can be seen at the wiki. There I list­ed which tests pass and which fail, list some open PRs with com­ments and there’s a TODO list. Marcin already fixed a bug which result­ed in a lot of fail­ures but only because it affect­ed the cleanup phase of a lot of tests (the cur­rent list reflects the sta­tus with his patch applied to cur­rent).

Inter­est­ed par­ties are wel­come to help out with fixing/categorizing the real fail­ures.

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Sum­ma­ry of the last days

Not much hap­pened in the last days. I talked with my SoC 2006 stu­dents and helped them a lit­tle bit with knowl­edge and test­ing. I also did com­mit some fix­es for the envy24 dri­ver to cur­rent.

ATM I have some hol­i­days. So I think I should get some more time do to some stuff in FreeB­SD… at least when it stays rainy and I’m able to find some new fur­ni­ture for the liv­ing room soon (either it’s com­fort­able, or it does look good; in case it is com­fort­able and does look good, it’s either not avail­able in the con­fig­u­ra­tion you want, or it is at least 3 times more expen­sive than you are will­ing to spend… sigh).

On my TODO list is to com­mit is “sade”, the break out of the fdisk and diskla­bel edi­tor in sysin­stall. I have patch­es for this, but need to fix-up a lit­tle part before I can com­mit it. After that sysin­stall can be replaced with some­thing else, and we still have the nice curs­es fron­tend for disk par­ti­tion­ing avail­able. Anoth­er TODO item is to give a low­er pri­or­i­ty to the emu10k1 dri­ver, so that the emu10kx dri­ver has prece­dence in all cas­es. And there are some easy patch­es in some PRs I want to deal with.

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