ICS expe­ri­ence on the Sama­sung Galaxy Tab 10.1

As told before, I have the ICS as pro­vid­ed by Sam­sung (to it is not the stock ICS, it is the Samsung-version of ICS)  on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Now that it is near­ly two months of using it, I want to share a lit­tle bit of my expe­ri­ence.

Basi­cal­ly it just works. If you know ICS already, you more or less know how it is on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The cal­en­dar app is dif­fer­ent, it is the Sam­sung app, not the native ICS one. I have a prob­lem to sync it with the exchange-connector as it is in Horde 4, but I did not take the time to inves­ti­gate the issue. My Nexus S con­nects just fine, so it must be some mod­i­fi­ca­tion by Sam­sung which is caus­ing the issue.

Some­times the tablet hangs, and I have to shut­down by press­ing the pow­er but­ton for some sec­onds. This only hap­pens when con­nect­ed via WLAN. When I start the tablet again, it will hang again if I am not fast enough to enter the PIN of the SIM, unlock the screen and to deac­ti­vate the WLAN. But even then it will hang after the deac­ti­va­tion of the WLAN. After reboot­ing the sec­ond time (with WLAN already deac­ti­vat­ed), every­thing works again.

The email app is also stut­ter­ing some­times. This hap­pens when I open a fold­er with a lot of emails and the email app is try­ing to deter­mine if there are attach­ments or not. Either the app is not multi-threaded, or it is not well done.

Apart from that it just works.

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ICS on the Sam­sung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Last week I had a look if there are some news for an offi­cial update of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to ICS. To my sur­prise there is one at least in Italy. The one I found to down­load was marked more or less for the Euro­pean mar­ket. Well… that was good enough for me and the night from Fri­day to Sat­ur­day I have spend to update the Tab by hand (unfor­tu­nate­ly this includes a fac­to­ry reset, no smooth migra­tion from an old ver­sion, but at least I still have root access).

What I noticed so far:

  • OpenGL ES speed improved from 4.2 to 6.6 FPS.
  • I had some lock-ups so far, I do not know if this may be relat­ed to some restored data (app data and e.g. Bluetooth/WLAN con­fig restored with Tita­ni­um­Back­up) or to bugs (Dalvik cache and cache par­ti­tion where clean, fac­to­ry reset was done too pri­or to restor­ing from the back­up). I had to press the pow­er but­ton for some sec­onds to ini­ti­ate a reboot. Most of the time it helped to wait a minute before enter­ing the PIN for the SIM. One time it did not help at all, the only way to get it work­ing was to take my WLAN Access Point (AP) offline, start the Tab, enter the PIN, and to restart the AP. At that point I had GPS and WLAN in the Tab acti­vat­ed, in the lock-ups before I did not have GPS active. I had some­thing sim­i­lar like this with my Nexus S when it got ICS, some­how this resolved itself. Update 2012-08-14: I googled a bit, there was a bug in ICS 4.0.3 relat­ed to WLAN, but I have 4.0.4 on the Tab, so this may not be this. I also got the freeze with­out WLAN but with the mobile data con­nec­tion active. 2nd update 2012-08-14: If I dis­able account sync­ing with the mobile data con­nec­tion it does not freeze. I have not yet tried this with the WLAN con­nec­tion. Update 2012-08-16: The syn­chro­niza­tion of the cal­en­dar data caused the prob­lem. Delet­ing all data for any app with cal­en­dar in the name and re-syncing fixed the prob­lem. No freeze since I did this yes­ter­day.
  • When I open/close a fold­er (much missed fea­ture in Android 3.x), the Tab speaks with me (some­thing like “Fold­er XXX opened” in the con­fig­ured lan­guage… that is a bit annoy­ing).
  • I like the default back­ground image.
  • Update 2012-08-14: The bat­tery icon does stay green even when the bat­tery is near­ly emp­ty. 🙁

I was not able to test the Email APP yet, I am wait­ing for a warranty-replacement of the PSU of my serv­er at home (Murphy’s law: Your PSU will break when you just start­ed a big ren­o­va­tion of your kitchen and do not have time to take care about it, and when you get time a lot of peo­ple from the PSU-manufacturer which take care about warranty-replacements are in hol­i­day).

I also need to check the mobile data con­nec­tiv­i­ty (qual­i­ty and speed), but I would expect that it is not worse than before. Update 2012-08-14: The down­load speed test shows sim­i­lar results than before, the upload speed test is slow­er, but this may be the mobile net­work here where I test­ed. At least I can con­firm that it works, mod­u­lo the prob­lem of the freezes described above.

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