One-Time-Passwords for Horde/IMP?

I search a way to use one-time-pass­words for Horde/IMP on FreeB­SD. I do not want to use PAM (local users on the machine). Cur­rent­ly I use the authen­ti­ca­tion via IMAP4 (link between the IMAP4-server and post­fix via MySQL, to have the same PW for send­ing and receiv­ing), and I expect that not all users of Horde/IMP will use OTP if avail­able, so the prob­lem case is not that easy. I can imag­ine a solu­tion which tries to authen­ti­cate via OTP first, and if it suc­ceeds gets a pass­word for the login to the IMAP4 serv­er. If the OTP-auth fails, it could try the entered pass­word for the login to the IMAP4 serv­er. Migrat­ing exist­ing users to a new solu­tion can be done by telling them to enter the pass­word from the machine of the per­son doing the migra­tion. The solu­tion needs to auto­mat­i­cal­ly login to the IMAP4 serv­er, enter­ing a pass­word for the IMAP4 serv­er after the OTP-login to Horde is not an option.

Oh, yes, send­ing the pass­words over SSL is not an option (that is already the only way to login there). The goals are to have

  • an easy to remem­ber pass­word for an OTP app on the mobile to gen­er­ate the real pass­word
  • the pass­word expire fast, so that a stolen pass­word does not cause much harm
  • not the same login-password for dif­fer­ent ser­vices (mail-pw != jabber-pw != user-pw)
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