Wikipedia links to my site

Today I noticed that an arti­cle in the Ger­man Wikipedia is link­ing to my site. The arti­cle about mul­ti­me­dia tech­nolo­gies is link­ing to my page about audio com­pres­sion (Ger­man only). I wrote this back in the days when I was in the uni­ver­si­ty (and I got a good grade in a mul­ti­me­dia course for it, MP3 was new stuff back then).

A minor amount of the Wikipedia arti­cle seems to be tak­en from my page (accord­ing to a search engine which is sup­posed to detect pla­gia­rism). This is sort of cool (and the way it is done 100% valid use of my con­tent, IMO). 😎

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