Non-default lin­ux base ports dep­re­cat­ed

Yes­ter­day I dep­re­cat­ed the non-default Fedo­ra based Lin­ux base ports. This means fc6, f7, f8 and f9 will van­ish soon (I decid­ed for one month of expiry time). This is because all of them are End of Life upstream since a long time (= no secu­ri­ty updates).

The fc4 and f10 ones are still avail­able – even if they are End of Life too – because FreeB­SD 7.x can not use some­thing new­er than the fc4 one, and we have not test­ed yet a more recent Lin­ux dis­tri­b­u­tion.

Prob­a­bly the most easy way to update the Lin­ux base ports to some­thing new­er is to stay with Fedo­ra (we have a lot of ports-infrastructure for it already). Unfor­tu­nate­ly it is not known if some­thing new­er works with­out prob­lems (miss­ing epoll/inotify sup­port could be a road­block here in case it is exten­sive­ly used in a more recent ver­sion).

I want to get some time to have a look if a more recent Fedo­ra ver­sion is suit­able for the use as a Lin­ux base in FreeB­SD 8.x+, but I do not have an esti­mate when I can start and how long it may take. In case some­one already test­ed a more recent Fedo­ra ver­sion feel free to share your expe­ri­ence.

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Fire­fox 3.6, final­ly deliv­er­ing a sane proxy han­dling

At work we have to use a proxy which requires autho­riza­tion. With pre­vi­ous ver­sions (fire­fox 3.0.x and 3.5.y for each valid x and y) I had the prob­lem that each tab request­ed to enter the mas­ter pass­word when start­ing fire­fox, to be able to fill in the proxy-auth data (short­cut: fill in only the first request, and for all oth­ers just hit return/OK). So for each tab I had to do some­thing for the master-password, and after that for each tab I also had to con­firm the proxy-auth stuff.

Very annoy­ing! Oh, I should maybe men­tion that as of this writ­ing I have 31 tabs open. Some­times there are more, some­times there are less.

Now with fire­fox 3.6 this is not the case any­more. Yeah! Great! Final­ly only one time the mas­ter pass­word stuff, and then one time the proxy-auth stuff, and then all tabs pro­ceed.

It took a long time since my first report about this, but now it is final­ly there. This is the best improve­ment in 3.6 for me.

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DNS prob­lem (DomainKey TXT entry)

The TXT entry which worked for a long time sud­den­ly stopped being deliv­ered by named (thanks to Hen­ri Hen­nebert for the HEADS-UP). Every oth­er query I try works so far, it is real­ly just this one entry (resolve time­out). I noti­fied the respon­si­ble per­son, inves­ti­ga­tion is ongo­ing.

This means that any ver­i­fi­ca­tion of my out­go­ing mail will not work, as the data nec­es­sary to ver­i­fy the sig­natur is not avail­able. 🙁

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