X11 in a jail with NVidia hard­ware

Just before christ­mas I decid­ed I will spend the “immense” amount of 40 EUR for a graph­ic card for a sys­tem which was with­out one. The sys­tem is sup­posed to replace my dying home-server. I already moved every­thing, except my Desktop-in-a-Jail (actu­al­ly it is my home-cinema-jail).

The old sys­tem had a Radeon 9200SE, and it was enough for what I used it for. Now… for a few bucks you can get a lot more horse­pow­er today. After look­ing around a lit­tle bit I decid­ed to buy a NVidia card. I made this deci­sion because it looks like I can get bet­ter dri­ver sup­port for it. So I got a GeForce GT 520 with 1 GB of RAM (I doubt I will be able to use that much RAM) and with­out a fan.

With the Radeon 9200SE I was not able to get the 3D stuff acti­vat­ed (at least in the jail, I did not try with­out), Xorg com­plains about a miss­ing agp­gart mod­ule but I have AGP in the ker­nel (no /dev/agpgart out­side the jail). I did not spend time to inves­ti­gate this, as the main pur­pose – play­ing movies – worked. Now with the NVidia card I decid­ed to give the 3D part a try again.

After adding the NVidia device entries to the jail, and a lit­tle bit of fight­ing with the Xorg-HAL inter­ac­tion, I got a work­ing desk­top. The biggest prob­lem to ver­i­fy that 3D is work­ing was, that I did not had xdri­in­fo installed. After installing it, I noticed that it does not work with the NVidia dri­ver.  🙁  Next stop nvidia-settings: runs great, dis­plays a nice FreeB­SD+NVidia logo, and … tells me that OpenGL is con­fig­ured. Hmmm… OK, but I want to see it!

As I decid­ed to switch from Gnome to KDE 4 at  the same time (I was using KDE when it was at V 0.x, switched to Gnome as it looked nicer to me, and now I switch back after read­ing all the stuff in the net that KDE 4 is “bet­ter” than Gnome 3), I was a lit­tle bit out of knowl­edge how to see the 3D stuff in action. So I quick­ly went to the set­tings and searched for some­thing which looks like it may use 3D. To my sur­prise, it was already using 3D stuff. Nice. I ful­ly real­ized how nice, when play­ing a video and using Alt-Tab to switch win­dows: the video was play­ing full speed scaled down in the window-switcher-thumbnail-view.

That was too easy. I am hap­py about it.

Now that I have a work­ing set­up of X11-in-a-jail for Radeon and GeForce cards, I want to cleanup my changes to the ker­nel and the con­fig files (devfs.rules) and have a look to get this com­mit­ted. A big part of this work is prob­a­bly writ­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion (most prob­a­bly in the wiki).

I still want to see some fan­cy 3D stuff now. I tried to install x11-clocks/glclock, but the build fails with an unde­fined ref­er­ence to ‘glPoly­gonOff­se­tEXT’. 🙁 Any rec­om­men­da­tion for a fan­cy 3D dis­play? My pri­or­i­ty is on “fancy/nice” with as less vio­lence as pos­si­ble. Most prob­a­bly I will look at it once and then dein­stall it again, so it should be avail­able in the Ports Col­lec­tion (or includ­ed in KDE 4).

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LAME updat­ed in the FreeB­SD ports col­lec­tion

After all the big-impact com­mits (Gnome/gettext/KDE/X11/…) have set­tled now, I took the time to update audio/lame (I iden­ti­fied more than 100 ports with an (implic­it) depen­den­cy on lame, 45 of them need­ed a portre­vi­sion bump; if I forgot/overlooked some, bump the revi­sion your­self or noti­fy me please). That is the first update of my ports where miwi@ did not beat me in com­mit­ting an update since a year (he has implic­it approval to do any­thing he wants with my ports).

I can be hap­py that he is/was this fast (and that we have such a pro­duc­tive and effi­cient com­mit­ter), or I can be sad that I do not have the time any­more to be faster than I am with such things… or both. Hmmm… I think I will go the hap­py way. 😉

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Easy library depen­den­cies detec­tion for ports

In the last days I com­mit­ted some scripts to $PORTSDIR/Tools/scripts which help in detect­ing the explic­it library depen­den­cies of installed ports. You just have to run $PORTSDIR/Tools/scripts/explicit_lib_depends.sh with the package-name of the installed port (alter­na­tive­ly you can give the path to the reg­is­tered port, e.g. /var/db/pkg/gnome-terminal‑2.18.1). One of the scripts which are called needs por­tup­grade installed. As an exam­ple here’s the com­plete out­put of a script run with the gnome-terminal port:

# /usr/ports/Tools/scripts/explicit_lib_depends.sh gnome-terminal-2.18.1

All those libraries are direct­ly ref­er­enced (dynam­i­cal­ly linked in) in the bina­ries or libs of the gnome-terminal port, indi­rect (depen­den­cies of depen­den­cies) ones are not list­ed (and not need­ed). So the script allows to quick­ly pro­duce a list of libs/ports which

  • should be ref­er­enced in the port Make­file (new port devel­op­ment, port updates)
  • allows to check if a port lists all ref­er­enced LIB_DEPENDS (port main­te­nance)

To do this with all your ports you can run

for port in /var/db/pkg/*; do
echo $port:
/usr/ports/Tools/scripts/explicit_lib_depends.sh $port
done > explicit_depends.txt

Not all USE_* switch­es of the Ports Col­lec­tion are han­dled yet, if you stum­ble upon such a case, feel free to send me a mail.

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A desk­top envi­ron­ment in a jail.

Yeah! Final­ly I got time to fin­ish my work to put a desk­top envi­ron­ment (in this case GNOME) into a jail. At least I have a proof of con­cept (I write this with fire­fox run­ning in my “desk­jail”). No, I don’t do this for addi­tion­al secu­ri­ty (there’s more secu­ri­ty than in a non-jailed set­up, but less secu­ri­ty than in an ordi­nary jail, as you have to allow access to a lot more devices than in an ordi­nary jail), I do this for addi­tion­al flex­i­bil­i­ty: Mov­ing my desk­top is now only the install of FreeB­SD on a new machine and rsync­ing the jail over to it. As the machine will also be a host of sev­er­al jails where I have some com­mon users with the same UID in each jail, I don’t pol­lute the jail-host with the desk­top stuff and I have every­thing nice­ly sep­a­rat­ed.

With­out a ker­nel patch and good devfs rules you will not get Xorg up and run­ning in a jail (at least I did­n’t man­aged to let it rec­og­nize my graph­ic card with­out the ker­nel patch). Now I have to beef up the patch a lit­tle bit and ask for review (it weak­ens up the secu­ri­ty a lit­tle bit like the sysctl security.jail.sysvipc_allowed=1 or security.jail.allow_raw_sockets=1).

But first I have to fin­ish the move of all my ser­vices I use at home to the jail-host now.

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