Web­Sphere 7: solu­tion to “pass­word is not set” while there is a pass­word set

I googled a lot regard­ing the error mes­sage “pass­word is not set” when test­ing a data­source in Web­Sphere (, but I did not find a solu­tion. A co-worker final­ly found a solu­tion (by acci­dent?).

Prob­lem case

While hav­ing the appli­ca­tion JVMs run­ning, I cre­at­ed a new JAAS-J2C authen­ti­ca­tor (in my case the same login but a dif­fer­ent pass­word), and changed the data­source to use the new authen­ti­ca­tor. I saved the con­fig and syn­chro­nized it. The files config/cells/cell­name/nodes/node­name/resources.xml and config/cells/cell­name/secu­ri­ty.xml showed that the changes arrived on the node. Test­ing the data­source con­nec­tiv­i­ty fails now with:

DSRA8201W: Data­Source Con­fig­u­ra­tion: DSRA8040I: Failed to con­nect to the Data­Source.  Encoun­tered java.sql.SQLException: The appli­ca­tion serv­er reject­ed the con­nec­tion. (Pass­word is not set.)DSRA0010E: SQL State = 08004, Error Code = ‑99,999.

Restart­ing the appli­ca­tion JVMs does not help.


After stop­ping every­thing (appli­ca­tion JVMs, nodeagent and deploy­ment man­ag­er) and start­ing every­thing again, the con­nec­tion test of the data­source works direct­ly as expect­ed.

I have not test­ed if it is enough to just stop all appli­ca­tion JVMs on one node and the cor­re­spding nodeagent, or if I real­ly have to stop the deploy­ment man­ag­er too.

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Inter­est­ing projects in the GSoC

I count­ed 18 projects which are giv­en to FreeB­SD in this years GSoC. For 3 of them I have some com­ments.

Very inter­est­ing to me is the project which is named Col­lec­tive lim­its on set of process­es (a.k.a. jobs). This looks a bit like the Solaris contract/project IDs. If this project results in some­thing which allows the user­land to query which PID belongs to which set, than this allows some nice improve­ment for start scripts. For exam­ple at work on Solaris each appli­ca­tion is a mix of sev­er­al projects (apache = “name:web” project, tom­cat = “name:app” project, Ora­cle DB = “name:ora” project). Our man­age­ment frame­work (writ­ten by a co-worker) allows to eas­i­ly do some­thing with those projects, a “show” dis­plays the prstat (sim­i­lar to top) info just for process­es which belong to the project, a “kill” sends a kill-signal to all process­es of the project, and so on. We could do some­thing sim­i­lar with our start scripts by declar­ing a name­space (FreeBSD:base:XXX / FreeB­SD:ports:XXX?) and maybe num­ber space (depend­ing on the imple­men­ta­tion) as reserved and use it to see if process­es which belong to a par­tic­u­lar script are still run­ning or kill them or what­ev­er.

The oth­er two projects I want to com­ment upon here are Com­plete libp­kg and cre­ate new pkg tools and Com­plete Pack­age sup­port in the pkg_install tools and cleanup. Both projects ref­er­ence libp­kg in their descrip­tion. I hope the men­tors of both projects pay some atten­tion to what is going on in the oth­er project to not cause dependencies/clashes between the stu­dents.

That I do not men­tion oth­er projects does not mean that they are not inter­est­ing or sim­i­lar, it is just that I do not have to say some­thing valu­able about them…

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