A week­end with lin­ux tests

I did spend the week­end with var­i­ous test of the lin­ux­o­la­tor.

First test­ing the remain­ing patch­es from the SoC from Roman with realplay­er and acrore­ad. The patch­es changed noth­ing in the tests, but they fixed some bugs nevert­less.

After that I com­mit­ted some stuff from sub­mis­sions (aio from Intron and SO_PEERCRED from Marcin Cies­lak) to p4 (avail­able as diffs, fol­low the URL below).

The remain­ing time was spend with the Lin­ux Test Project test­suite (this stuff is great to have, any­one out there with inter­est in adopt­ing the tests for our regres­sion test suite?). The result can be seen at the wiki. There I list­ed which tests pass and which fail, list some open PRs with com­ments and there’s a TODO list. Marcin already fixed a bug which result­ed in a lot of fail­ures but only because it affect­ed the cleanup phase of a lot of tests (the cur­rent list reflects the sta­tus with his patch applied to cur­rent).

Inter­est­ed par­ties are wel­come to help out with fixing/categorizing the real fail­ures.

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