Incom­pat­i­ble WP plu­g­ins

The geosmart plu­g­in is incom­pat­i­ble with the one-time-password (OTP) plu­g­in of Word­Press. The prob­lem is that the OTP plu­g­in does not dis­play the chal­lenge on the login page any­more when the geosmart plu­g­in is acti­vat­ed.

A work around may be to make sure the geosmart plu­g­in does not do some­thing on the login page, but this incom­pat­i­bil­i­ty could also cause prob­lems some­where else.

The prob­lem could be relat­ed to the way the geosmart plu­g­in uses jquery. I found a bug report for OTP where the prob­lem was the jquery han­dling in anoth­er plu­g­in. The spe­cif­ic prob­lem men­tioned there does not seem to be the same as in the geosmart plu­g­in, at least on the very quick look I had.

So… for now I dis­abled the geosmart plu­g­in, most of the time I guessed the sequence num­ber right, but some­times I did not.

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On the way to solve the CUPS prob­lem

I opened a bug report for the prob­lem (have a look at the relat­ed posts below) and got the response that it is a prob­lem in pstoraster. This means it is a prob­lem in ghost­script, not in CUPS.

So I had a look at pstoraster and seen that CUPS_FONTPATH is added to GS_LIB. The­o­ret­i­cal­ly it should solve my issue when I set CUPS_FONTPATH, but this assumes I can do it with­out CUPS dis­card­ing my set­tings.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly this assump­tion is not true. I tried it and I still see the same behav­ior as before.

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