DTrace in GENERIC (-cur­rent)

In case you have not noticed yet, KDTRACE_HOOKS is now in the GENERIC ker­nel in FreeB­SD-cur­rent. This means you just need to load the DTrace mod­ules and can use DTrace with the GENERIC ker­nel.

In case you do not know what you can do with DTrace, take the time to have a look at the DTrace blog. It is worth any minute you invest read­ing it.

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(Free)BSD inside Android

Today I was look­ing into the Open­Source licens­es which are dis­played for Android (2.3.4). There are sev­er­al files which come with a BSD license.

Dur­ing look­ing at it, I noticed that the libm has the copy­right of sev­er­al FreeB­SD peo­ple. I did not had an in-deep look if this is because they took the FreeB­SD libm, or if this is because parts of the FreeB­SD libm where adopt­ed by oth­er BSD projects.

What I noticed is, that some spe­cial char­ac­ters are not dis­played cor­rect­ly. For exam­ple the name Dag-Erling Smør­grav looks man­gled in the dis­play of the license inside the phone (I hope it is dis­played bet­ter in my blog). His name is not the only prob­lem case, there are also oth­er char­ac­ters which are not ren­dered as expect­ed.

This does not real­ly look pro­fes­sion­al.

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The rea­son why this blog was not acces­si­ble to some peo­ple

I got noti­fied that my blog was not acces­si­ble for a while. Seems that at least recent fire­fox ver­sions some­how changed their behav­ior in what is send in the HTTP-header. This caused an Apache Redi­rect­Match rule to trig­ger, which denies access to some parts of the blog for some users.

The WP-login, WP-dash­board, and logged-in users where not affect­ed by this, so if you have some cus­tom rules which deny access to your blog, make sure you make a test of your blog when logged-out.

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My pub­li­ca­tions and projects pages moved into the blog

I moved my pages about pub­li­ca­tions and projects into the blog. The con­tents of the pub­li­ca­tions are still at the old place (and there­fore in the same style as when I wrote them). I have not decid­ed yet if I will import the con­tents of the pub­li­ca­tions into the blog or not. Import­ing the con­tents means every­thing would have a con­sis­tent style, not import­ing it would mean the con­tent is as “orig­i­nal” as pos­si­ble.

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Blog moved to my own web­site

I took the time to move the blog to my own web­site. I can now post stuff which is not relat­ed to FreeB­SD, and I do not use the resources of the project for this any­more. It also allows me to install a theme I like more, and I can install plu­g­ins like I want.
Now I just have to find the cause of some strange stuff I see. After import­ing my data from the FreeB­S­Dish blog, the perma­links do not work like I want, I have to use the ugly default way of han­dling perma­links. I also have to write this post with­out see­ing what I type, the edi­tor is dis­play­ing white text on a white back­ground…

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