Essen Hackathon 2018

Again this time of the year where we had the plea­sure of doing the Essen Hackathon in a nice weath­er con­di­tion (sun­ny, not too hot, no rain). A lot of peo­ple here, about 20. Not only FreeB­SD com­mit­ters showed up, but also con­trib­u­tors (biggest group was 3 peo­ple who work on iocage/libiocage, and some indi­vid­u­als with inter­est in var­i­ous top­ics like e.g. SCTP / net­work pro­to­cols, and oth­er top­ics I unfor­tu­nate­ly for­got).

The top­ics of inter­est this year:

  • work­flows / process­es
  • Wiki
  • jail- / con­tain­er man­age­ment (pkg­base, iocage, dock­er)
  • ZFS
  • graph­ics
  • doc­u­men­ta­tion
  • bug squash­ing
  • CA trust store for the base sys­tem

I was first work­ing with Allan on mov­ing for­ward with a CA trust store for the base sys­tem (tar­get: make fetch work out of the box for TLS con­nec­tions – cur­rent­ly you will get an error that the cer­tifi­cate can not val­i­dat­ed, if you do not have the ca_nss_root port (or any oth­er source of trust) installed and a sym­link in base to the PEM file). We have inves­ti­gat­ed how base-openssl, ports-openssl and libressl are set­up (ports-openssl is the odd one in the list, it looks in LOCALBASE/openssl for his default trust store, while we would have expect­ed it would have a look in LOCALBASE/etc/ssl). As no ports-based ssl lib is look­ing into /etc/ssl, we were safe to do what­ev­er we want in base with­out break­ing the behav­ior of ports which depend upon the ports-based ssl libs. With that the cur­rent design is to import a set of CAs into SVN – one cert file per CA – and a way to update them (for the secu­ri­ty offi­cer and for users), black­list CAs, and have base-system and local CAs merged into the base-config. The expec­ta­tion is that Allan will be able to present at least a pro­to­type at EuroB­D­Con.

I also had a look with the iocage/libiocage devel­op­ers at some issues I have with iocage. The nice thing is, the cur­rent ver­sion of libiocage already solves the issue I see (I just have to change my process­es a lit­tle bit). Some more cleanup is need­ed on their side until they are ready for a port of libiocage. I am look­ing for­ward to this.

Addi­tion­al­ly I got some time to look at the list of PRs with patch­es I want­ed to look at. Out of the 17 PRs I toke note of, I have closed 4 (one because it was over­come by events). One is in progress (com­mit­ted to ‑cur­rent, but I want to MFC that). One addi­tion­al one (from the iocage guys) I for­ward­ed to jamie@ for review. I also noticed that Kristof fixed some bugs too.

On the social side we had dis­cus­sions dur­ing BBQ, pizza/pasta/…, and a restau­rant vis­it. As always Kristof was telling some fun­ny sto­ries (or at least telling sto­ries in a fun­ny way… 😉 ). This off course trig­gered some oth­er fun­ny sto­ries from oth­er peo­ple. All in all my bot­tom line of this years Essen Hackathon is (as for the oth­er 2 I vis­it­ed): fun, sun and progress for FreeB­SD.

By bring­ing cake every time I went there, it seems that I cre­at­ed a tra­di­tion of this. So any­one should already plan to reg­is­ter for the next one – if noth­ing bad hap­pens, I will bring cake again.

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