Essen Hackathon Sta­tus report – 2nd day

I had a look at the open PR’s for a quick-win and found one where the depen­den­cies where incom­plete. Fixed.

Then I reviewed Alan Jude’s patch for 64bit linux_base-c6 ports (on amd64). Looks good so far. Just a few minor issues. I took the time to get famil­iar with reviews.FreeB­ and the arc com­mand line tool, applied the patch to my source tree, worked a while on merge-conflicts, added some minor changes, and val­i­dat­ed the down­load of the 32bit RPM’s of the linux_base-c6 port.

In between I also discussed/reviewed some fix­es for docs with Dru, signed some PGP keys, and served as a source for a fun­ny pic­ture (at least what geeks/nerds con­sid­er a fun­ny pic­ture). I also checked how to allow multi-cast in jails. There is a PR with a patch inside, but it’s IPv6 only. I did some­thing sim­i­lar for IPv4 and com­piled a ker­nel. No com­pile time issues, but as the sys­tem where I can eas­i­ly test this is at home, I pre­fer to be in front of the box in case it pan­ics (that tells some­thing about my con­fi­dence lev­el of my patch… no idea if what I do there is actu­al­ly cor­rect… ENOCLUE about the net­work code in the ker­nel).

TODO for the last day of the Hackathon:

  • val­i­date all RPM’s (down­load / dis­tin­fo) of the ports which changed
  • val­i­date the install/deinstall of the 32bit ver­sion of the ports for regres­sion
  • val­i­date the 64bit install/deinstall for at least the lin­ux base port (more if time per­mits tomor­row)
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