Video4Linux sup­port in FreeB­SD

Yes­ter­day I com­mit­ted the v4l sup­port into the lin­ux­u­la­tor (in 9-cur­rent). Part of this was the import of the v4l head­er from lin­ux. We have the per­mis­sion to use it, it is not licensed via GPL. This means we can use it in FreeB­SD native dri­vers, and they are even allowed to be com­piled into GENERIC (but I doubt we have a dri­ver which could pro­vide the v4l inter­face in GENERIC).

The code I com­mit­ted is “just” the glue-code which allows to use FreeB­SD native devices which pro­vide a v4l inter­face (e.g. multimedia/pwcbsd) from lin­ux pro­grams.

If some­one is will­ing to write the glue-code for the v4l2 inter­face please con­tact me. We have the per­mis­sion to use the v4l2 head­er too, we just need some­one doing the cod­ing.

In a sim­i­lar way, if some­one is will­ing to add v4l2 inter­face sup­port to FreeB­SD native dri­vers (I do not know any FreeB­SD dri­ver which pro­vides a v4l2 inter­face) , just tell me and I import the v4l2 head­er into FreeB­SD.

And if some­one wants to add v4l sup­port to FreeB­SD native dri­vers but does not know where to start, feel free to con­tact me too.

Regard­ing the code which is in FreeB­SD ATM: it is not com­plete­ly fin­ished yet (some clip­ping relat­ed stuff is being worked on), but the not fin­ished part can not even be test­ed, as we do not know about a FreeB­SD device which pro­vides this func­tion­al­i­ty.

There is no MFC planned yet, but the more suc­cess sto­ries and test sce­nar­ios are being told about on the emu­la­tion or mul­ti­me­dia mail­inglists, the more like­ly I will do a MFC soon­er than lat­er.

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Video for lin­ux (v4l) emu­la­tion com­ing to the lin­ux­u­la­tor

I am in the process of prepar­ing the import of code which makes v4l devices usable in the lin­ux­u­la­tor. Basi­cal­ly this means you can use your web­cam in skype (test­ed by the sub­mit­ter of the patch on amd64).

This is not a “apply patch and com­mit” thing, because the orig­i­nal videodev.h (with some mod­i­fi­ca­tions) is used. I was seek­ing the OK from core@ for this. As there is no license in the head­er, and the orig­i­nal author (Alan Cox, the lin­ux one, not our FreeB­SD one) gave per­mis­sions to use it, core@ is OK with the import.

I intent to do a ven­dor import of the lin­ux head­er (pre­pared today, togeth­er with some readme which explains where it comes from and some stuff to show that we are on the safe side regard­ing legal stuff), and then I want to copy this over to the lin­ux­u­la­tor as linux_videodev.h and com­mit the patch (prob­a­bly a lit­tle bit mod­i­fied in a few places). My plan is to com­mit it this week. Peo­ple which already want to play around with it now can have a look at the emu­la­tion mail­inglist, a link to the patch is post­ed there.

With the head­er being in a ven­dor branch, inter­est­ed peo­ple could then start to sub­mit new BSD licensed dri­vers or mod­i­fy exist­ing dri­vers which make use of the v4l inter­face, but I let the import of the head­er into the FreeB­SD include direc­to­ry up to the per­son which wants to com­mit the first native FreeBSD-v4l sup­port.

When such native FreeBSD-v4l sup­port is com­mit­ted, the lin­ux­u­la­tor code needs to be revised.

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