Progress with Net­work­er bugs

Our bug with savep­n­pc which caus­es the post-command to start one minute after the pre-command even if the back­up is not done yet is now hope­ful­ly near the res­o­lu­tion point. We opened a prob­lem report for this in July, this week we where told that there is a patch for it avail­able. The bad part is, that it is avail­able since 3 weeks and nobody told us. The good part is, that we have it installed on a machine now to see if it helps (all zones there seem to be OK, but we have zones where it some­times works and some­times fails, so we are not 100% sure, but we hope the best). We where told that it will be includ­ed in Net­work­er

Our oth­er issues are now at least not in a helpdesk-loop any­more, they seem to have reached the devel­op­ers now.

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