Fix for the show­stop­per bug in the lin­ux­u­la­tor

I got time yes­ter­day to test acrore­ad with the patch from Intron/Kostik and … Yeah! I was not able to crash acrore­ad in the 2.6.16 emu­la­tion! Great! Request for wide­spread test­ing soon?!?

Now we just have to deter­mine if we have to care about the lock­ing (I don’t know if kib@ already asked jhb@ about it) and the race con­di­tion. In case the user­land exhibits very very bad pro­gram­ming and is using the FD before open() returns suc­cess­ful­ly, the pro­gram could read data. This can only hap­pen if the pro­gram has the right per­mis­sion to this data (the open is sup­posed to fail in this case not because of access restric­tions, but because of e.g., the wrong file type).

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I fore­see nice improve­ments in the soundsys­tem

Ariffs changes two months ago to reduce the laten­cy in the soundsys­tem also pre­pared the way for mul­ti­chan­nel sup­port and Yuriy added mul­ti­chan­nel record­ing to the emu10kx dri­ver (there are some bugs ATM and it is only a proof of con­cept to play around with it until we get real mul­ti­chan­nel sup­port in the gener­ic sound code). Ryan tries to get some time (let’s cross fin­gers!) to con­vert a dri­ver (prob­a­bly the emu10kx dri­ver) to use the new mix­er infra­struc­ture before he has to con­cen­trate on his stud­ies again.

This looks like we could get some very nice stuff this year.

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Drag­on­Fly synced with our soundsys­tem

Drag­on­Fly synced with a not so cur­rent ver­sion of our soundsys­tem. I had a lit­tle dis­cus­sion with them and point­ed out some recent improve­ments and some dri­vers they missed to sync. They don’t have the man pow­er to par­tic­i­pate in large improve­ments, but I hope for some small ben­e­fits like bug­fix­es or addi­tion­al PCI IDs. I also point­ed out the wiki page, maybe we can get some addi­tion­al sen­tences (we are lack­ing con­tent there, feel free to help out with a sen­tence or more!) there from them. It does­n’t make sense to split the effort, so I offered to share the page with DFly.

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Progress in the lin­ux­u­la­tor

On of the major show­stop­per bugs in the lin­ux 2.6 emu­la­tion is that acrore­ad does not work. Now we have patch­es (proof of con­cept by Intron, refined patch by Kib) for it. I did­n’t had time to test it yet (mind you, every­one else is not able to run acrore­ad with 2.6, I’m able to run it at least with some files or no file at all), but I want to do an exten­sive test (I know sev­er­al ways of killing it with 2.6).

If every­thing goes well and no oth­er show­stop­per bug appears, we may be able to request more exten­sive test­ing of the 2.6 emu­la­tion, at least on i386. First this should be done by ask­ing peo­ple to switch, and maybe after a week by switch­ing the default emu­la­tion to 2.6 in -cur­rent (at least for a while).

This is spe­cial­ly impor­tant as the Fedo­ra Lega­cy project announced that they will aban­don sup­port for FC4. FC5+ is not able to run on a 2.4 ker­nel.

And while I’m at it: I sub­mit­ted the sta­tus report for the lin­ux­u­la­tor. It con­tains some nice sta­tis­tic about the num­ber of fixed bugs (com­par­ing 6.2 and ‑cur­rent). No, I will not tell you in advance, you have to wait some days until the report shows up. 😛

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Native RealPlay­er progress

Shaun sub­mit­ted some patch­es to the peo­ple at Real. It already got a test run on the build sys­tem. Reports are, that it looks very good. But it seems Shaun has to fill out some (elec­tron­ic) paper work before they can accept the patch offi­cial­ly. I don’t know more.

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