DTrace probes for the Linuxu­lat­or up­dated

If someone had a look at the earli­er post about DTrace probes for the Linuxu­lat­or: I up­dated the patch at the same place. The dif­fer­ence between the pre­vi­ous one is that some D–scripts are fixed now to do what I meant, spe­cially the ones which provide stat­ist­ics out­put.

WP prob­lems solved

I solved my WP prob­lems.

The permalink prob­lem was be­cause of a miss­ing .htac­cess file. I cre­ated one with write per­mis­sions for WP, and changed the permalimk set­ting back.

The white-​on-​white is­sue was solved by set­ting CONCATENATE_​SCRIPTS to false in wp–con­fig, so it seems to be a cach­ing prob­lem some­where. Later I will take some time to switch back and flush some caches (at least where I have the rights to do it).