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How many WP plu­gins are used on av­er­age?

After a quick chat with miwi, I ask my­self how many people ac­tu­ally are in­ter­ested in plu­gins for WP and how much plu­gins people have on av­er­age?

Miwi has cur­rently 4 plu­gins in­stalled. I have 30 plu­gins in­stalled as of this writ­ing:

  • Akismet: comes with WP, anti-SPAM
  • AskA­pache Re­writeR­ules Viewer: gives some info about the apache re­write rules used in WP
  • Bet­ter Search: im­proves the search fea­tures of WP
  • Bot Tracker: shows which bots crawl your site (no ro­bot crawled mine yet, I as­sume I have not ac­tiv­ated it long enough and need to wait a little bit un­til I see some res­ults)
  • Broken Link Checker: checks my blog for broken links
  • Con­tex­tual Re­lated Posts: adds “Re­lated Posts:” to new post­ings, not al­ways up to the task (as can be seen in this post­ing), but I hope it will im­prove with time when I post more
  • Dash­board: Latest Spam: gives some info in the dash­board about the blog-SPAM
  • FD Word Stat­ist­ics: gives some in­fos about the “com­plex­ity” of your posts in the post­ing editor
  • GD Press Tools: a col­lec­tions of mul­tiple features/stats/…
  • GD Simple Wid­gets: not used yet, provides wid­gets for the side­bar which also come with the WP-core, but this ones are modified/enhanced; I have not tested this yet
  • GD Star Rat­ing: al­lows you to rate my post­ings with stars and thumbs up/down (feel free to do it here, if you found some­thing use­ful 😉 )
  • Im­port HTML Pages: if I want to im­port ex­ist­ing HTML pages… I have not de­cided yet if I will use it or not
  • Limit Lo­gin At­tempts: IMO some­thing like this be­longs into the WP-core
  • Plu­gin Man­ager: I want to give it a try
  • Quick Stats: some ad­di­tional stats
  • Search Meter: gives you some info about the searches people do in the blog (nobody searched some­thing yet…)
  • Simple Track­back Val­id­a­tion: an anti-SPAM plu­gin, or at least some san­ity check­ing
  • TanT­an­Noodles Simple Spam Fil­ter: some simple anti–SPAM rules
  • TinyMCE Ad­vanced: I want some more but­tons in my posting-editor
  • Weasels No HTTP Au­thor: anti-SPAM, do not al­low http:// in the name of au­thors (com­ments, …)
  • Stats: do I really need to ex­plain this?
  • WP-Stats-Dashboard: sim­pli­fies the hand­ling of the “Word­ Stats”-features
  • wp-Typography: auto­matic ty­po­graphic im­prove­ments to post­ings, I do not know if it is use­ful for non-English texts, but at least my post­ings in Eng­lish look bet­ter
  • WP Math Pub­lisher: al­lows to place some more math­em­at­ical ren­der­ing of math-equations in post­ings, e.g. the golden ra­tio: phi = {1 + sqrt{5}}/{2}
  • WP Se­cur­ity Scan: scans your blog setup for known se­cur­ity holes
  • WP Up­date Mes­sage: al­lows to put a “post­ing up­dated: XXX changed”-box into your post­ings
  • De­lete Spam Daily: not ac­tiv­ated yet, as I did not get any SPAM yet, I can not make a con­trolled test, so I wait
  • Hello Dolly: plu­gin comes with WP-core, not ac­tiv­ated
  • Lo­gin Lock­Down: not ac­tiv­ated, I will de­lete it soon, as I like the “Limit Lo­gin Attempts”-plugin more
  • One-Time Pass­word: does not work out of the box for me, it looks like it does not find php-otp (it is not in­stalled, and I need to have a look if it comes with php-otp in­cluded and iit s not found, or if I have to in­stall it)

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