Seems I for­got to an­nounce that the linux_​base-​c6 is in the Ports Col­lec­tion now. Well, it is not a re­place­ment for the cur­rent de­fault linux base, the linuxu­lat­or in­fra­struc­ture ports are miss­ing and we need to check if the ker­nel sup­ports enough of 2.6.18 that noth­ing breaks.


To my know­ledge, nobody is work­ing on any­thing of this. Any­one is wel­come to have a look and provide patches.

New Cen­tOS linux_​base for test­ing soon­ish

It seems my HOWTO cre­ate a new linux_​base port was not too bad. There is now a PR for a Cen­tOS 6 based linux_​base port. I had a quick look at it and it seems that it is nearly us­able to in­clude in­to the Ports Col­lec­tion (the SRPMs need to be ad­ded, but that can be done with­in some minutes).

When FreeBSD 8.3 is re­leased and the Ports Col­lec­tion open for sweep­ing com­mits again, I will ask port­m­gr to do a repo-​copy for the new port and com­mit it. This is just the linux_​base port, not the com­plete in­fra­struc­ture which is needed to com­pletely re­place the cur­rent de­fault linuxu­lat­or user­land. This is just a start. The pro­cess of switch­ing to a more re­cent linux_​base port is a long pro­cess, and in this case de­pends upon enough sup­port in the sup­por­ted FreeBSD re­leases.

At­ten­tion: Any­one in­stalling the port from the PR should be aware that us­ing it is a highly ex­per­i­ment­al task. You need to change the linuxu­lat­or to im­per­son­ate him­self as a linux 2.6.18 ker­nel (de­scribed in the pkg-​message of the port), and the code in FreeBSD is far from sup­port­ing this. Any­one who wants to try it is wel­come, but you have to run FreeBSD-​current as of at least the last week­end, and watch out for ker­nel mes­sages about un­sup­por­ted sy­scalls. Re­ports to emulation@​FreeBSD.​org please, not here on the webpage.

Non-​default linux base ports de­prec­ated

Yes­ter­day I de­prec­ated the non-​default Fe­dora based Linux base ports. This means fc6, f7, f8 and f9 will van­ish soon (I de­cided for one month of ex­piry time). This is be­cause all of them are End of Life up­stream since a long time (= no se­cur­ity up­dates).

The fc4 and f10 ones are still avail­able – even if they are End of Life too – be­cause FreeBSD 7.x can not use some­thing new­er than the fc4 one, and we have not tested yet a more re­cent Linux dis­tri­bu­tion.

Prob­ably the most easy way to up­date the Linux base ports to some­thing new­er is to stay with Fe­dora (we have a lot of ports-​infrastructure for it already). Un­for­tu­nately it is not known if some­thing new­er works without prob­lems (miss­ing epoll/​inotify sup­port could be a road­b­lock here in case it is ex­tens­ively used in a more re­cent ver­sion).

I want to get some time to have a look if a more re­cent Fe­dora ver­sion is suit­able for the use as a Linux base in FreeBSD 8.x+, but I do not have an es­tim­ate when I can start and how long it may take. In case someone already tested a more re­cent Fe­dora ver­sion feel free to share your ex­per­i­ence.

Ports re­lated stuff

The pack­age de­pend­ency spee­dup was com­mit­ted by port­m­gr, un­for­tu­nately it was not the latest ver­sion of it. The most re­cent ver­sion is sched­uled for an ex­per­i­ment­al ports build run (my patch also con­tains the pos­sib­il­ity to switch of the re­gis­tra­tion of im­pli­cit de­pend­en­cies, if en­abled it gives a much bet­ter pic­ture re­gard­ing which port needs to be re­build (port­re­vi­sion bump) in case a de­pend­ency changes).

Patches for speed­ing up “make clean” are also sched­uled for an ex­per­i­ment­al ports build run. The pkg_​create patch was also com­mit­ted to -cur­rent.

With all those stuff an up­date is much faster now, at least for those ports where the compile/​build time was much lower than the in­fra­struc­ture pro­cessing (I doubt you will see a sig­ni­fic­ant change in a build of OO 😉 ).

I fore­see nice im­prove­ments in the sound­sys­tem

Ar­iffs changes two months ago to re­duce the latency in the sound­sys­tem also pre­pared the way for mul­tichan­nel sup­port and Yur­iy ad­ded mul­tichan­nel re­cord­ing to the emu10kx driver (there are some bugs ATM and it is only a proof of concept to play around with it un­til we get real mul­tichan­nel sup­port in the gen­er­ic sound code). Ry­an tries to get some time (let’s cross fin­gers!) to con­vert a driver (prob­ably the emu10kx driver) to use the new mix­er in­fra­struc­ture be­fore he has to con­cen­trate on his stud­ies again.

This looks like we could get some very nice stuff this year.

linuxolat­or day

A happy wel­come to Bor­is Sam­oro­dov to the ports com­mit­ters team (I’m his ment­or). This means I don’t have the bur­den to take care of the linuxolat­or in­fra­struc­ture in the Ports Col­lec­tion alone any­more. Yeah!

Today I com­mit­ted an­oth­er part of Roman’s work in the linuxolat­or SoC. Now we should get log mes­sages for the new miss­ing sy­scalls for real. We defin­it­ively need high level over­view doc­u­ments for sub­sys­tems.