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Some more WP plugins

Addi­tion­ally to the WP plu­g­ins I already talked about, I installed some more since then:

  • aLinks: auto­matic link gen­er­a­tion based upon rules/modules/keywords
  • All in one SEO Pack: Search Engine Opti­miza­tion, e.g. auto­matic meta tag gen­er­a­tion and more
  • Global Trans­la­tor: auto­matic machine-translation of your posts into other lan­guages (see the coun­try flags in the sidebar)
  • Google XML Sitemaps: auto­mat­i­cally gen­er­ates a sitemap and announces the update (after a post) to sev­eral searchengines
  • http:BL Word­Press plu­gin: checks vis­i­tors against the Project Honey Pot black­list (email har­vest­ing) and rejects access
  • InfoLink: adds a but­ton to look up marked text in the edi­tor and link the markup to the first result if desired
  • One-Time Pass­word: allows to use one-time pass­words (RFC 2289) for the WP login
  • Smartlinker: another but­ton for the edi­tor regard­ing auto­matic link­ing (gives other auto­matic links than the other auto­matic link­ing plu­g­ins)
  • Update Noti­fier: sends me a mail when there is a update for WP
  • WP-Print: printer friendly page of the post­ing (see the link below the title of this post), I had to patch it to not print the links from the WP AJAX Edit Com­ments plugin
  • WP AJAX Edit Com­ments: pro­vides an AJAX edit inter­face for comments
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