Video4Linux sup­port in FreeBSD

Yes­ter­day I com­mit­ted the v4l sup­port in­to the linuxu­lat­or (in 9–cur­rent). Part of this was the im­port of the v4l head­er from linux. We have the per­mis­sion to use it, it is not li­censed via GPL. This means we can use it in FreeBSD nat­ive drivers, and they are even al­lowed to be com­piled in­to GENERIC (but I doubt we have a driver which could provide the v4l in­ter­face in GENERIC).

The code I com­mit­ted is “just” the glue-​code which al­lows to use FreeBSD nat­ive devices which provide a v4l in­ter­face (e.g. multimedia/​pwcbsd) from linux pro­grams.

If someone is will­ing to write the glue-​code for the v4l2 in­ter­face please con­tact me. We have the per­mis­sion to use the v4l2 head­er too, we just need someone do­ing the cod­ing.

In a sim­il­ar way, if someone is will­ing to add v4l2 in­ter­face sup­port to FreeBSD nat­ive drivers (I do not know any FreeBSD driver which provides a v4l2 in­ter­face) , just tell me and I im­port the v4l2 head­er in­to FreeBSD.

And if someone wants to add v4l sup­port to FreeBSD nat­ive drivers but does not know where to start, feel free to con­tact me too.

Re­gard­ing the code which is in FreeBSD ATM: it is not com­pletely fin­ished yet (some clip­ping re­lated stuff is be­ing worked on), but the not fin­ished part can not even be tested, as we do not know about a FreeBSD device which provides this func­tion­al­ity.

There is no MFC planned yet, but the more suc­cess stor­ies and test scen­ari­os are be­ing told about on the emu­la­tion or mul­ti­me­dia mailing­lists, the more likely I will do a MFC soon­er than later.