DTrace in GENERIC (-cur­rent)

In case you have not no­ticed yet, KDTRACE_​HOOKS is now in the GENERIC ker­nel in FreeBSD-cur­rent. This means you just need to load the DTrace mod­ules and can use DTrace with the GENERIC ker­nel.

In case you do not know what you can do with DTrace, take the time to have a look at the DTrace blog. It is worth any minute you in­vest read­ing it.

Heat­Maps again…

Today I stumbled again over some Heat­Maps from Brendan Gregg (of DTrace-fame). This time it was the PDF of his present­a­tion at the LISA 2010 con­fer­ence. It shows nicely how he plans to evolve it from a single-​machine (like in Ana­lyt­ics for Or­acle Stor­age products) to the cloud. It is a very good over­view about what kind of in­tu­it­ive per­form­ance visu­al­iz­a­tion you can do with this.

I would love to see some­thing for FreeBSD (or oth­er per­form­ance data). Maybe someone could take the DTraceTazTool as a base or hint and write some­thing gen­er­ic which works for a lot of things…

There are just too much nice and in­ter­est­ing things out there, and not enough time for all of them.