DTrace in GENERIC (-cur­rent)

In case you have not no­ticed yet, KDTRACE_​HOOKS is now in the GENERIC ker­nel in FreeBSD-cur­rent. This means you just need to load the DTrace mod­ules and can use DTrace with the GENERIC ker­nel.

In case you do not know what you can do with DTrace, take the time to have a look at the DTrace blog. It is worth any minute you in­vest read­ing it.

(Free)BSD in­side An­droid

Today I was look­ing in­to the Open­Source li­censes which are dis­played for An­droid (2.3.4). There are sev­er­al files which come with a BSD li­cense.

Dur­ing look­ing at it, I no­ticed that the libm has the copy­right of sev­er­al FreeBSD people. I did not had an in-​deep look if this is be­cause they took the FreeBSD libm, or if this is be­cause parts of the FreeBSD libm where ad­op­ted by oth­er BSD pro­jects.

What I no­ticed is, that some spe­cial char­ac­ters are not dis­played cor­rectly. For ex­ample the name Dag-​Erling Smør­grav looks mangled in the dis­play of the li­cense in­side the phone (I hope it is dis­played bet­ter in my blog). His name is not the only prob­lem case, there are also oth­er char­ac­ters which are not rendered as ex­pec­ted.

This does not really look pro­fes­sion­al.

The reas­on why this blog was not ac­cess­ible to some people

I got no­ti­fied that my blog was not ac­cess­ible for a while. Seems that at least re­cent fire­fox ver­sions some­how changed their be­ha­vi­or in what is send in the HTTP-​header. This caused an Apache Re­dir­ect­Match rule to trig­ger, which denies ac­cess to some parts of the blog for some users.

The WP-​login, WP–dash­board, and logged-​in users where not af­fected by this, so if you have some cus­tom rules which deny ac­cess to your blog, make sure you make a test of your blog when logged-​out.

My pub­lic­a­tions and pro­jects pages moved in­to the blog

I moved my pages about pub­lic­a­tions and pro­jects in­to the blog. The con­tents of the pub­lic­a­tions are still at the old place (and there­fore in the same style as when I wrote them). I have not de­cided yet if I will im­port the con­tents of the pub­lic­a­tions in­to the blog or not. Im­port­ing the con­tents means everything would have a con­sist­ent style, not im­port­ing it would mean the con­tent is as “ori­gin­al” as pos­sible.

Blog moved to my own web­site

I took the time to move the blog to my own web­site. I can now post stuff which is not re­lated to FreeBSD, and I do not use the re­sources of the pro­ject for this any­more. It also al­lows me to in­stall a theme I like more, and I can in­stall plu­gins like I want.
Now I just have to find the cause of some strange stuff I see. After im­port­ing my data from the FreeBSDish blog, the permalinks do not work like I want, I have to use the ugly de­fault way of hand­ling permalinks. I also have to write this post without see­ing what I type, the ed­it­or is dis­play­ing white text on a white back­ground…

Nat­ive Real­Play­er for FreeBSD

Some days ago I got ap­prov­al from Real, I’m al­lowed to blog about the nat­ive FreeBSD Real­Play­er. Now I get time to blog about it.

Ok, there’s not much to say about it so far. Some people in the FreeBSD com­munity (among them 2 com­mit­ters, guess who is one of them…) are help­ing Real to get it up and run­ning on FreeBSD. The FreeBSD build ma­chine is setup and some build logs are already gen­er­ated. Some minor prob­lems where iden­ti­fied (miss­ing soft­ware which can be in­stalled out of the ports, some minor is­sues in the build sys­tem and some oth­er easy to fix stuff I don’t re­mem­ber ATM) in a first round of log–re­view.

This re­minds me that I should have a look if there are some new logs. Maybe I get time at the week­end. Let’s hope I don’t for­get about it… 😉