SoC 2006 fin­ished (sound pro­ject com­mit­ted)

I com­mit­ted the stuff from the sound pro­ject just a few minutes ago. So the SoC 2006 has of­fi­cially ended for me (I just wait for the T-​Shirt now… 🙂 ).

This doesn’t mean I don’t care about the stuff any­more. I will com­mit fixes in case prob­lems show up and I’m also re­spons­ible in case my ex-​mentees have ques­tions or patches. It’s just that the of­fi­cial part is done now.

Happy bughunt­ing to all.

linuxolat­or SoC work com­mit­ted

I com­mit­ted most of Ro­mans work in the linuxolat­or to cur­rent. The new sy­scalls aren’t used un­til you run

sy­sctl com­pat.linux.osrelease=2.6.16

to switch back (af­ter ex­it­ing all linux pro­grams) you just have to run

sy­sctl compat.linux.osrelease=2.4.2

But you have to do this on i386. Amd64 sup­port is not com­plete (and be­sides this, amd64 is still broken and nobody provided the nec­cessary de­bug­ging in­fo to jhb@).

There are some known prob­lems with osrelease=2.6.16, e.g., prob­lems with fu­texes (vis­ible in acror­ead, real­play and skype), but some pro­grams already run without ob­vi­ous prob­lems (linux-​firefox, linux-​opera).

Any re­ports about new prob­lems to netchild@ and rdivacky@ please. Re­views, de­bug­ging in­fo and patches are wel­come too.

linuxolat­or day

A happy wel­come to Bor­is Sam­oro­dov to the ports com­mit­ters team (I’m his ment­or). This means I don’t have the burden to take care of the linuxolat­or in­fra­struc­ture in the Ports Col­lec­tion alone any­more. Yeah!

Today I com­mit­ted an­other part of Roman’s work in the linuxolat­or SoC. Now we should get log mes­sages for the new miss­ing sy­scalls for real. We defin­it­ively need high level over­view doc­u­ments for sub­sys­tems.

COMPAT_​43, SoC and stuff

I just re­moved the COMPAT_​43 op­tion from the GENERIC ker­nel in cur­rent. This may res­ult in in­creased per­form­ance for some work­loads.

In the last days I also “ment­ored” a little bit my SoC stu­dents. Re­view­ing some changes, sug­gest­ing some im­rove­ments, com­mit­ting some stuff which is ready, dis­cuss­ing vari­ous things and so on.

And last but not least, I hope that the last bugs in the up­date to the new linux base port are ironed out on the ports build cluster (I did some com­mits in the last days).

Bikesheds, FC4 and SoC

The last week has seen some bikesheds. One of them was my com­mit of the doxy­gen in­fra­struc­ture for the ker­nel sub­sys­tems. Some people don’t like the way doxy­gen re­quires some markup tags in the com­ments, some people don’t think such API docs provide ad­di­tion­al value and some people fear that 3rd party de­velopers may use some func­tions which shouldn’t be used. I don’t re­peat the counter-​arguments of my­self and oth­er people here, but there are people out there which already make use of the cur­rent un­sat­is­fact­ory doxy­gen out­put and are happy about this in­fra­struc­ture. Luck­ily is was su­per­seeded by an­other bikeshed (and gnn@ wants to work on doc­u­ment­ing a sub­sys­tem to show the be­ne­fits to those people which do not think yet, that this is a good idea). On a re­lated is­sue, I’m wait­ing on a re­po copy of src/​sys/​doc to src/​tools (it’s one of two re­po cop­ies I’m wait­ing for, ncvs@ seems to be bussy ATM). Some doc@ people think it is more ap­pro­pri­ate there.

The FC4 linux base port and the xorg based linux X11 libs port are sched­uled for test­ing in an ex­per­i­ment­al ports build run, we may see the switch of the de­fault linux base port in the not so dis­tant fu­ture. It seems Bor­is is work­ing on up­dates to the rest of the linuxolat­or in­fra­struc­ture in the Ports Col­lec­tion (gtk, …), so we may see a lot of up­dates there af­ter the switch of the de­fault linux base port.

In the last days I also helped/​talked with my SoC stu­dents. Ro­man is play­ing a little bit with an amd64 tinder­box he got ac­cess to and as a res­ult he com­mit­ted sup­port for build­ing the linuxolat­or on amd64 as a mod­ule to per­for­ce (call for test­ers: he did send a patch to emulation@, please give it a try if you own an amd64 box). Ry­an is cata­loging the IOCTL’s and their status (im­ple­men­ted, ob­sol­ete, …) in the FreeBSD wiki. I already pr­i­or­ized those he did so far, and gave some sug­ges­tions how to pro­ceed with the im­port­ant ones. This way he hasn’t to wait for me or Ar­iff when he is fin­ished with the cata­loging (be­ing a ment­or liv­ing in a dif­fer­ent time zone means you should be ahead of your stu­dent… be­ing ahead even be­fore he is able to asks ques­tions is … a boost for your own ego 😉 ).