An­other sound de­veloper with per­force ac­cess

Apart from Kon­stantin (envy24* driver au­thor) I also got a p4 ac­count for Yuriy (emu10kx driver au­thor). Let’s cross fin­gers for a lot of col­lab­or­a­tion in /​/​depot/​pro­jects/​sound­sys­tem/​ now…

Up­com­ming sound stuff

Ryan got per­mis­sion to ex­tend the work he did in the SoC as part of a class at uni­vers­ity. He wants to push down the new mixer stuff to the driver level now. He does it in the emu10kx driver (be­cause he has such a card) and maybe in an­other driver. This will al­low to use a lot more of the fea­tures a card of­fers. Yuriy (au­thor of the emu10kx driver) has some work in the driver sched­uled too, so I offered him a p4 ac­count so that they can col­lab­or­ate. As of this writ­ting it is up to the p4 ad­mins to grant an ac­count.

And while I’m at it: Kon­stantin (env24* driver au­thor) got his p4 ac­count already. He tries to get some time to com­mit his work in pro­gress there.

Status of the Real­Player stuff

Shaun had some un­re­lated soft­ware prob­lems so he wasn’t able to do the pa­per­work re­ques­ted by Real. Those prob­lems seem to be fixed and he ex­pects to get some time to do the pa­per­work “soon”. Real is look­ing for­ward to this as the FreeBSD build is much bet­ter now.

A way to en­cour­age hard­ware com­pan­ies to sup­port *BSD

In multimedia@ we have a dis­cus­sion about the envy24* chips. One ques­tion is how to con­vince com­pan­ies to provide some tech­nical in­form­a­tion or at least free hard­ware samples. As part of the an­swer I poin­ted to http://​www​.bsdstats​.org/ which may be able to provide some num­bers (e.g. envy24* chips without a match­ing driver) which may help in ne­go­ti­at­ing some stuff with a com­pany. Un­for­tu­nately not many envy24 chips show up there. Part of the prob­lem may be that not enough people run the bsdstats port (and en­able peri­odic re­port­ing of at least the devices).

So do you have any un­sup­por­ted hard­ware (not only lim­ited to sound­cards) or some hard­ware which is still up-​to-​date but lacks some fea­tures in the driver (this is at least the case for all re­cent sound­cards like envy24* or HDA based ones)? Fine, run bsdstats and en­able the peri­odic re­port­ing. Maybe we are able to get enough num­bers to show to com­pan­ies so that they think it would be fin­an­cially be­ne­fi­cial to sup­port us in some way (free hard­ware, docs, tech­nical hints, whatever).

Oh… while we are at it, the ALSA people ad­ded sup­port for some envy24 based cards based upon the re­verse en­gin­eer­ing ef­fort which was needed to write our driver as it is now. So if you are work­ing for a com­pany and read­ing this: if you sup­port us, you get the Linux stuff for free too. 🙂 And as an ad­di­tional bo­nus, you can show a work­ing driver without any bad legal strings (e.g. GPL in­fec­tion) to OEMs. So go and cal­cu­late how much sales you can do with em­bed­ded stuff and come back to us with some tech­nical hints and/​or free hard­ware (it costs some few bucks for you to provide this: not much if it fails but a large amount of re­turn if it works out).

I fore­see nice im­prove­ments in the sound­sys­tem

Ar­iffs changes two months ago to re­duce the latency in the sound­sys­tem also pre­pared the way for mul­tichan­nel sup­port and Yuriy ad­ded mul­tichan­nel re­cord­ing to the emu10kx driver (there are some bugs ATM and it is only a proof of con­cept to play around with it un­til we get real mul­tichan­nel sup­port in the gen­eric sound code). Ryan tries to get some time (let’s cross fin­gers!) to con­vert a driver (prob­ably the emu10kx driver) to use the new mixer in­fra­struc­ture be­fore he has to con­cen­trate on his stud­ies again.

This looks like we could get some very nice stuff this year.