Open­P­GP crypto cards ordered

I wrote in a pre­vi­ous blog post that I want to switch to crypto cards for use with ssh and GnuPG. After some re­search I settled on the Open­P­GP cryto cards. I ordered them from ker­nel­con­cepts. As soon as they ar­rive (and I have some free time), I will start to use them and write down how to work with them with FreeBSD.

3 thoughts on “Open­P­GP crypto cards ordered”

    1. I bought 5 crypto cards (and they ar­rived today). One for my private email ad­dress gpg key, one for my FreeBSD email ad­dress gpg key, one for ssh lo­gin, one for ssh lo­gins from home to any­where ex­cept, and one for ssh lo­gins from on-​the-​road.

      The tokens I’ve seen are more ex­pens­ive than a crypto card. If I would have bought 5 tokens, I would have paid more than for 5 cards + card read­er.

      By chance I’ve got also an Alad­din eToken Pro 72k to play around with. If I get it to work, I will re­port about it too.

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