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Good Ener­max sup­port in Germany

The power sup­ply of my server at home failed at the end of last month. As I was busy with ren­o­va­tion at home, it took me a while to check if it is really the PSU or some­thing else. When I was sure about the failed piece, I have sent the PSU to the RMA address the Ener­max sup­port gave me (the PSU has a 5 year war­ranty, and I have it since one year). Due to hol­i­days it took a while to get the repaired unit back, but I want to say thank you to the Ener­max support:

  • Thank you for hand writ­ten responses, I did not get obvi­ous auto­matic responses or canned responses (well, maybe they did some copy&paste for the RMA address and such, but each mail had at least a part which was not com­ing from copy&paste).
  • Thank you for get­ting back to me within a rea­son­able time.
  • Thank you for politely answer­ing all my sup­port requests.
  • Thank you for being hon­est in your com­mu­ni­ca­tion (slow han­dling of the repair due to peo­ple being in hol­i­day, not because of miss­ing pieces from sup­pli­ers or other excuses out­side Enermax).

This is how the sup­port shall be, unfor­tu­nately this is not always the case, but at least here it was. Thank you!

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