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Lin­ux­u­la­tor D-Trace probes com­mit­ted to current

A while ago I com­mit­ted the lin­ux­u­la­tor D-Trace probes I talked about ear­lier. I waited a lit­tle bit for this announce­ment to make sure I have not bro­ken any­thing. Nobody com­plained so far, so I assume noth­ing obvi­ously bad crept in.

The >500 probes I com­mit­ted do not cover the entire lin­ux­u­la­tor, but are a good start. Adding new ones is straight for­ward, if some­one is inter­ested in a junior–ker­nel–hacker task, this would be one. Just ask me (or ask on emu­la­tion@), and I can guide you through it.

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