Linuxu­lat­or pro­gress

This week­end I made some pro­gress in the linuxu­lat­or:

  • I MFCed the re­port­ing of some linux-​syscalls to 9-​stable and 8-​stable.
  • I up­dated my linuxu­lat­or-dtrace patch to a re­cent -cur­rent. I already com­piled it on i386 and arundel@ has it com­piled on amd64. I coun­ted more than 500 new DTrace probes. Now that DTrace res­cans for SDT probes when a ker­nel mod­ule is loaded, there is no ker­nel pan­ic any­more when the linux mod­ule is loaded after the DTrace mod­ules and you want to use DTrace. I try to com­mit this at a morn­ing of a day where I can fix things dur­ing the day in case some prob­lems show up which I did not no­tice dur­ing my test­ing.
  • I cre­ated a PR for portmgr@ to re­po­copy a new linux_​base port.
  • I set the ex­pir­a­tion date of linux_​base-​fc4 (only used by 7.x and up­stream way past its EoL) and all de­pend­ent ports. It is set to the EoL of the last 7.x re­lease, which can not use a later linux_​base port. I also ad­ded a com­ment which ex­plains that the date is the EoL of the last 7.x re­lease.

5 thoughts on “Linuxu­lat­or pro­gress”

  1. Do you know the cur­rent state of a _​x64 linuxu­lat­or even if no one is work­ing on it?
    There were patches from Chagin Dmitry from sev­er­al years ago but they nev­er made it in I guess. 

    64 bit sup­port is some­thing that I’m very much in­ter­ested in and would con­sider pay­ing or donat­ing to help pri­or­it­ize it.


    1. No, I do not know the status of the 64bit ver­sion of the linuxu­lat­or. There shouldn’t be that much changes since then in the linuxu­lat­or, so any­one with in­terest to con­tin­ue his work, wouldn’t need to start from scratch, I think.

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