Sock­ets and null­fs: works now in -cur­rent

I just up­dated to a re­cent -cur­rent and tried the new null­fs. Sock­ets (e.g. the MySQL one) work now with null­fs. No need to have e.g. jails on the same FS and hard­link the sock­et to not need to use TCP in MySQL (or an IP at all for the jail).

Great work!

2 thoughts on “Sock­ets and null­fs: works now in -cur­rent”

  1. Hi Al­ex­an­der,

    This is great news! This should be in 9 hope­fully as well (I am us­ing that) since this is a fea­ture we would love to use! 🙂

    Do you know of prob­lems with­in the FreeBSD Jails and NULLFS + PHP dir­name? (it res­ults in empty out­put)

    1. I have Horde-​Webmail, Gallery2 and PHPMy­Ad­min on such a sys­tem. I haven’t checked yet more than an ini­tial con­nec­tion to all of them, but if they use dir­name dur­ing the ini­tial con­nec­tion, I haven’t seen an neg­at­ive ef­fect.

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