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New oppor­tu­ni­ties in the linuxulator

Last week­end I com­mit­ted some dummy-syscalls to the lin­ux­u­la­tor in FreeBSD–cur­rent. I also added some com­ments to syscalls.master which should give a hint which linux ker­nel had them for the first time (if the linux man-page I looked this up in is cor­rect). So if some­one wants to exper­i­ment with a higher com­pat.linux.osrelease than 2.6.16 (as it is needed for a Cen­tOS based linux_base), he should now get some ker­nel mes­sages about unim­ple­mented syscalls instead of a silent failure.

There may be some low-hanging fruits in there, but I did not really ver­ify this by check­ing what the dummy syscalls are sup­posed to do in linux and if we can eas­ily map this to exist­ing FreeBSD fea­tures. In case some­one has a look, please send an email to

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